VIDEO: James Franklin calls Nick Saban 'Nicky Satan'

Why, yes. Vanderbilt coach James Franklin did just refer to Alabama's Nick Saban as "Nicky Satan" in that video. 

"There's this guy down at Alabama," Franklin said to a group of high schoolers at Central High School in Macon, Ga. "I think his name is Nicky Satan. You guys have probably heard of him before. I'm going to outwork him."

First of all, if you're in Georgia, nobody is "down" in Alabama; he's simply to the west. I'll forgive Franklin this transgression, however, because he's used to being in Tennessee, which is north of Alabama. Oh, and also because when you're referring to Satan, it's only natural to think "down there."

Secondly, this is the kind of thing that you can say about Nick Saban when you're at Vanderbilt and you aren't scheduled to play Saban or the Crimson Tide anytime soon. However, just because you can say it, I don't recommend doing so.

Something about poking a bear and how you ought not to do it.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for Franklin to see the error of his ways, as he's already apologized for the remarks.

“(I was) really talking about the work ethic that he has a reputation for,and that we’re going to outwork them," said Franklin, who called Saban on Wednesday. "I made a joke. And in today’s society with all the media and social media and people with tape recorders and things like that, that doesn’t come off that way. I know people have tremendous pride in Alabama, and their fans are fanatical. So I understand. But it was a joke and I didn’t mean to offend anybody.”

No word on whether or not Saban forgave Franklin, but from what I remember about the bible, Satan wasn't the forgiving one.

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