VIDEO: Les Miles goes viral (again) in NCAA Football ad

College football coaches have a long and highly distinguished history as pitchmen. And maybe no current coach is more accomplished in this field than Les Miles, whether he's fist-bumping a dog on a Baton Rouge billboard or telling potential Louisiana turfgrass customers "You don't have to chew it to love it."

So something like this was probably inevitable:

Our only gripe: Would Miles really be so offended at Mike borrowing Robert Griffin III to take the helm of his virtual Tigers? It's not like Baylor and LSU are rivals, and we think even Miles might admit that RG3 would have been an upgrade over the Jarrett Lee/Jordan Jefferson platoon. (Update: As a few of our readers have reminded us, LSU recruited Griffin out of high school, though [like many of his suitors at the time] not as a quarterback. So there is a connection there.) 

Then again, of the 16 Heisman winners available in the game to switch teams, none hail from any of LSU's biggest traditional rivals. We'd argue Tim Tebow might be more incendiary, but he already has his own spot in the series airing, so we guess RG3 is as close to blasphemy as EA could get.

But we're digressing, in any case. The point is this: It's Les Miles calling Mike his "tiger son." That's reason enough to watch, right?

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