VIDEO: NHL's Gary Bettman says NHL owns New Year's Day

CBS Sports' Ian Eagle sat down with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to discuss this year's playoffs, CBA negotiations as well as players' safety and what the league is doing to address the issue of concussions. What does this have to do with college football, you might ask? Well, Bettman, who has made a boneheaded move or two in the past, took a bit of a shot at college football. 

With all due respect to the commissioner, the Rose Bowl earned a 9.9 rating earlier this year to distance itself from just about everything except the NFL -- despite being on cable. The Fiesta Bowl was just a tick behind as Stanford and Oklahoma State dueled into the desert night. The NHL's Winter Classic had a 2.4 rating on broadcast television in comparison.

So, Mr. Bettman, college football's response to saying you "own" New Year's Day:

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