VIDEO: Rick Neuheisel's awesome Johnny Manziel tribute song

Rick Neuheisel has been enjoyable to watch as an analyst on Pac-12 Network, but the former Bruins coach let his performance art shine on Monday's edition of the Dan Patrick Show with a country-western tribute song to Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Neuheisel wrote new lyrics to Marty Robbins' classic country tune, El Paso. The parody song includes witty references to Manziel's off-field adventures, NCAA eligibility questions and on-field greatness. 

Check out the video below, as well as a sample of Neuheisel's lyrics from the song.

Out in the badlands they call College Station, 

Lived a young Aggie named Johnny Manziel. 

Football and life to him were a bull ride, 

He rode them both like a bat out of hell. 

He shocked the nation by beating the best, 

Flattening out the Tide. 

The Heisman came calling, the agents came crawling; 

But through it all Johnny Football did ride, ride, ride.

Now our young Aggie's no longer a hero, he was a target of public disdain; 

Another victim of fame and fortune, "What's wrong with Johnny?" became the refrain. 

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