VIDEO: Sparty gets a carry in Michigan State's spring game

Have you ever played "mascot mode" on NCAA Football? I haven't because I take my video game football seriously, but plenty of people enjoy playing a football game in which all the players are replaced by the team's mascot.

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is likely a big fan of "mascot mode." In fact, it was probably while playing a game at home that Dantonio had himself an idea.

What if Michigan State replaced Edwin Baker with Sparty?

Sparty, no!

That's terrible form, Sparty. You need to tuck that ball away against your body. Don't give the defense a chance to knock that thing out of your hand, you need to treat that ball as if it's your child, Sparty!

Thankfully it's only April, and Sparty will have plenty of time to learn the fundamentals before the season starts.

Via Lost Lettermen 

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