VIDEO: The Rose Bowl has its own official music video now

I'm a man of many interests, and amongst those interests I include both college football and music. I just really, really wish that the two could stop intersecting.

The only music I want to hear related to college football should be coming from a marching band, because as we've seen time after time with people releasing "anthems" for their favorite school -- Freekbass #NeverForget -- they're all generally terrible ideas.

And now the Rose Bowl has decided to join the fray, releasing this song by Dustin Tavella called "100 Roses" to commemorate the game's hundreth anniversary.

You know what would have been a better than this? Just audio of Keith Jackson talking over Rose Bowl highlights. It wouldn't even have to be Jackson calling the game, I'd be fine with audio of him describing a trip to the grocery store while they showed old highlights. In fact, I bet that would be pretty cool.

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