VIDEO: ULM's 2011 stadium intro is kind of awesome

You really do learn something new every day, particularly when you spend large amounts of time on the Internet.

For instance, today we learned that despite their avian logo, the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks adopted their nickname in honor of a Louisianan-led World War II Air Force unit that deployed a fighter plane nicknamed the "warhawk."

We learned that as a result of the following video, the Warhawks' stadium intro from the 2011 season, in which a squadron of ULM-branded warhawk planes and a giant actual hawk do battle in the skies over the ULM campus against a opposing squadron of World War II-era fighters representing ULM's competition from across the Sun Belt.

Like you're not going to watch after that description:

It's the air raid siren as the Ragin' Cajuns plane comes into focus that really makes it.

But as much as we enjoyed that, we'd like to offer some advice to the producers in their efforts to top themselves for 2012: more explosions. The hawk could, like, totally use its steel-tipped talons to tear the wing off the FIU plane and send it crashing into a deserted campus toolshed full of old propane tanks, setting off a giant fireball that consumed the Troy plane, etc. etc.

Maybe that doesn't seem particularly respectful of one's conference colleagues, but as you can see here, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks' famous hockeybear once blew up the campuses of league rivals Ohio State, Michigan State, and Miami (Ohio), and no one cared because he was just that awesome:

So what we're saying, ULM video producers, is this: this is an excellent start. But we think there's still lots of potential to explore.

HT: @valleyshook

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