VIDEO: Vinnie Sunseri with the big pick-six for Alabama

Alabama defense or no Alabama defense, Johnny Football was Johnny Football on Saturday: He finished with 464 yards passing (the first quarterback to go over 400 vs. a Nick Saban-coached Tide defense), 98 yards rushing, and five passing touchdowns. Given the competition, it was a performance worthy of a Heisman Trophy winner. 

But there are two throws Manziel will unquestionably want to have back. One was the momentum-turning pick from the Tide 3-yard line with Texas A&M looking to go up 21-14. The other is this one:

That's Vinnie Sunseri taking the pick back 73 yards through what seemed like a forest of A&M defenders (offenders?), Manziel included. (No, he won't want to see that tackling effort in the film room.)

How do you put up 635 total yards on Alabama and lose? Those two gigantic swings on the Manziel interceptions is how.

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