Virginia Tech's Antone Exum takes three kids on a shopping spree

Antone Exum (top left) playing Santa Claus to three young boys. (Twitter)

For the players, one of the best rewards of going to a bowl game is the free gifts they receive from the bowl game itself. Virginia Tech cornerback Antone Exum, however, decided he'd take one of his bowl rewards to give three kids a Christmas surprise.

The recipient of a $470 gift card from Best Buy, courtesy of the Russell Athletic Bowl, Exum chose to take three kids he didn't even know on a mini-shopping spree.

"I had my cart with my stuff in it, and I saw [three kids] walking and I was already thinking about it, so I put my stuff back and I was looking for these kids," Exum told the Orlando Sentinel. "They were playing on the PS3 [display]. That's actually what the littlest one ended up getting. I think that's what he wanted for Christmas.

"They asked me like three times, 'So, we get anything that we want?' I said, 'Yeah, I got this money and I want you to go shopping and get what you want.'"

With the help of teammates Tariq Edwards and Marcus Davis, Exum was able to get the boys a Playstation 3, a Blackberry phone and video games.

Exum tweeted a photo of himself with the boys holding their new Christmas gifts.

All in all it was an awesome display of generosity from Exum, and a Christmas gift those boys will surely never forget.

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