Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson explains what happened at Louisville

I'm sure before everything is said and done, we're going to find out that the #Wakeyleaks conspiracy goes all the way to the White House and possibly even Russia, but at the moment, it still lives solely in the college football world. It has honestly been one of the strangest stories I've ever had to write about in this sport, and probably one of the funniest just from the sheer lunacy of it all.

But how did it all begin?

Well, we know that it all started when Wake Forest discovered Louisville had access to information that it shouldn't have had before Wake's 44-12 loss against the Cardinals on Nov. 12. On Friday, Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson went on ESPN radio's Mike and Mike show and detailed exactly what happened that day.

"When we arrived for our game against Louisville in early November, our equipment staff had found materials on our sideline the Friday when setting up the locker room," Clawson said. "You're not allowed to get there until a certain time, the assumption being they're going through their walkthrough. And our equipment people found cards laying right on our sideline and didn't think much of it.

"And the day of the game we got there about an hour before, and the equipment manager presented our offensive coordinator with the cards and said, 'I don't think this is any big deal,' just a lot of stuff that we do normally. And our coordinator flipped through it and there was very, very detailed information there. Formations that we had never run, alignments, even some of it was even some empty sets we had never run before, but some of it was even sets we had run but we had flipped personnel."

Clawson then went on to detail why the team had new things designed for the game, and how players felt about not running the plays they'd worked on in practice all week.

"Louisville is an excellent football team, and it was a game that we felt, in order to score points, we had to have some wrinkles in," Clawson said. "And all of those wrinkles were right in front of us. And at that point, we knew we had been compromised, and as a result, a lot of those things we had prepared, we couldn't run because we knew they had it.

"After the game our players were upset. They wanted to know why did we work on all these things and not use them. They felt we had not given them the best opportunity to win the game. So we had a team meeting and told them something was compromised, we're not sure how. At that point it triggered an investigation. We did not want that out. We did not want that leaked because that compromised our own investigation of trying to find out what had happened, and how it happened."

It turns out former Wake Forest player and assistant coach and current radio commentator Tommy Elrod had been leaking team information to opponents. Information that Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich admitted the school received before its game against the Demon Deacons, though Jurich claims the Louisville coaching staff did not take advantage of the information it had.

It has since been learned that the Wakeyleaks scandal has extended to games against Virginia Tech and Army as well.

So like I said at the beginning, now that the military is involved, there's no telling how far it will go.

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