Halftime Recap

Syracuse came into this game averaging 43.63 points per game, and they are putting up high numbers again. They have a bit of a cushion as they currently lead Wake Forest 21-10 at halftime. Syracuse have been relying on Moe Neal, who has rushed for 51 yards and 1 touchdown on 7 carries, and Jarveon Howard, who has punched in 2 rushing TDs.

With five sacks, the Syracuse defense has been a true menace for Wake Forest's offensive line. We'll see if Syracuse can keep up that pressure in the second half.

Game Preview

Syracuse have been homebodies their last two matches, but they are heading out on Saturday. They will take on Wake Forest at 12:00 p.m. Syracuse will be hoping to continue their now three-game streak of scoring more points each matchup than the last.

Syracuse were able to grind out a solid win over NC State last week, winning 51-41. Eric Dungey, who passed for 411 yards and 3 touchdowns, was a major factor in Syracuse's success. Eric Dungey has been one of their standout athletes in their past four games.

Meanwhile, after having lost a blowout in their contest two weeks ago against Florida St., Wake Forest were happy to find some success last Saturday. Wake Forest took their game against Louisville by a conclusive 56-35 score.

Syracuse suffered a grim 43-64 defeat to Wake Forest the last time the two teams met. Since neither squad is a stranger to landslide victories this season, you'd better bet it will be hard-fought showdown.