Walmart absolutely ethered a Tennessee football fan on Twitter after getting called out

It's almost college football season, which means there are no safe spaces for proud SEC fans. Not in a Walmart. Certainly not on Twitter. And, now, not on Walmart's Twitter. 

With SEC Media Days going down this week, you knew new Florida Gators coach Dan Mullen would bring out some impressive kicks for the event. Mullen has formed a habit of rocking big-time sneakers to Media Day, and this year was no different. Jordan Brand is taking over as the Gators' official outfitter this season, so it's fitting that Mullen went with some custom Air Jordans for his 2018 Media Day sneaks. 

The Jumpmans are pretty classic, and it's a pretty cool notch on your belt to have a custom pair for your football squad, but not everyone was loving the kicks. 

Tennessee fans not digging the Florida sneakers? Who could have seen this coming?

The folks running Walmart's Twitter account apparently are very vigilant. They caught wind of this jab and they weren't prepared to let Houston Kress speak ill of their bargain-bin sneakers. They're also apparently well-versed in the Tennessee-Florida rivalry and how it's gone for UT recently. They were not hesitant to flex on the Vols faithful.

Yikes. Maybe Tennessee has some good things ahead this year. At the very least, maybe they'll get the better of Florida for just the second time since 2005. But, if I'm being honest, getting ruthlessly dunked on by a superstore brand Twitter account before the season even begins isn't exactly ideal. The Vols are already being forced to climb out of a hole and it's not even August. 

Somehow, we just have to assume this is all Drake's fault.

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