Want to host one of the new playoff games? Here's your chance

For the BCS, it was the equivalent of posting a job opening in the break room.

The group overseeing the new college football playoff (TGOTNCFP) invited 31 bowl committees Friday to submit a proposal to become the three access bowls. There is no secret that those three bowls will be located in Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix, but to be all legal and everything the TGOTNCFP sent out a release Friday morning.

The TGOTNCFP -- or what used to be known as the BCS -- "has invited 31 bowl committees to consider whether they are interested in submitting a proposal to host the national semifinals and other bowl games to be played on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day."

Translation: Best of luck, GoDaddy.com Bowl. Further translation: Start your engines Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-fil-A bowl committees.

Those bowls are the overwhelming favorites to become part of the six-bowl rotation. The bowls will cycle through the three-bowl championship rotation (semis and championship game) four times during the 12-year term of the contract.

Deadline is March 27. "Applicants" must have a stadium of at least 65,000 and be able to promise a volunteer base of 1,000.

The three access bowls will be unaffiliated with any conference. Three "contract" bowls already exist with locked-in bowl partners in years they don't host playoff games -- the Rose, Sugar and Orange. Obviously, the Rose has the Pac-12 and Big Ten. The Sugar is locked in with the SEC and Big 12. The Orange features the ACC champion vs. either Notre Dame or a team from the Big Ten or SEC.

We already know that the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl will host the first semifinals Jan. 1, 2015. Major college football's first playoff championship game will be played Jan. 12, 2015. Dallas -- and the Cotton Bowl -- have already been identified as the prohibitive favorite to host that first championship game.

That game will be part of a separate bid process. It will be held in a different city each year.

Still to be determined:

 The structure and administration of a selection committee.

 Naming TGOTNCFP. Those items could be addressed at the annual BCS meetings April 22-24 in Pasadena, Calif.

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