One of the worst things you can do as a college football fan is chant "We want Bama!" after a big win. Because, you see, here's the thing: You don't want Bama. You might think you do, but you don't, really. Typically, only bad things happen after chanting this if you actually get Alabama at some point in the future. It's like chanting "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom three times with the lights turned off. You've heard stories about how it ends, but don't try it yourself. 

And you especially don't want this Alabama. That's not to say the Crimson Tide are unbeatable -- no team is -- but new-and-improved Alabama is a way tougher matchup than death-by-boa-constrictor Alabama. So, please, refrain from chanting "We want Bama!" even if you're doing so ironically.

Unless, of course, you are Alabama. In that case, chanting that you want yourself after beating No. 3 LSU 29-0 is perfectly fine because there can be no repercussions. Sure, technically the Tide could lose to Mississippi State in Week 11 as a result of some odd, inception-like jinx, but they've already secured a spot in the SEC Championship Game vs. No. 6 Georgia. There's not much to jinx at the point. 

Mocking your opponents is about as good as it gets for fans, and Saturday's beatdown had to feel pretty good for supporters of the Crimson Tide.