The thing about the No. 3 Alabama offense is that it has four wide receivers who are so good that there's not always enough balls to go around. For instance, Jaylen Waddle would be the No. 1 receiver on no fewer than 100 teams in the country, but at Alabama, he's the team's fourth-leading receiver.

Which is why Alabama puts him in on special teams. You have to find ways to get the ball in a playmaker like Waddle's hands. For evidence of this wild scientific theory, I present this punt return against No. 2 LSU on Saturday.

Now, when you watched that clip, you saw LSU's Racey McMath -- that's his real name, I swear, I'm not just mocking him for being the first in class to finish his algebra quiz -- grab Waddle's facemask and nearly rip his helmet off. There was no flag thrown, but it didn't matter.

Waddle just took off to the other side of the field, and it turns out that, when you're faster than everybody else, it makes it more difficult for them to catch you.

Plus, while I'm not a physicist, you have to wonder whether the facemask made Waddle faster. In a way, it launched him to the other side of the field. Or should I say, Racey McMath's facemask helped Waddle Racey McPast the LSU tacklers.