When a wide receiver and a defensive back come down with the ball at the same time, simultaneous possession goes to the receiver. It's like the tie going to the runner in baseball. But have you ever seen three players come down with a catch on the same play? It happened on Saturday in the Northern Illinois-Central Michigan game.

Chippewas quarterback Quinten Dormady dropped back and slung it across the middle to Kalil Pimpleton, who had it bounce off his chest and into the arms of two diving Huskies defenders. It popped up and all three players came down with it at the same time. As is the case for dual possession, Pimpleton was awarded the reception and the first down in the rare triple possession. 

Take a look at the play.

It takes quite a bit of luck for something like this to happen. Had Pimpleton not let a pass bounce right off his numbers, he wouldn't have had the chance to make one of the most bizarre catches of the 2019 college football season.

The catch is fitting in a game in which the Chippewas came out rolling in the critical MAC battle against the Huskies.