WATCH: CFB player marries fiancée after practice with his coach as the minister

Former Boise State running back Ian Johnson proposed to his then-girlfriend on the field immediately after scoring the winning touchdown over Oklahoma in 2007 Fiesta Bowl, giving us all a story Hollywood would toss out for being too cheesy.

But Chris Petersen, the coach of the Broncos at the time, didn't walk out on to the field and marry Johnson and his fiancée right then and there. 

Sorry, Boise State. Murray State might have you beat. 

Racers defensive lineman Bishop Woods married his fiancée, Caitlin Myers, in a ceremony following practice ... and the team's offensive line coach, Brian Hamilton, was the one who did the deed. Woods and Myers had been dating since 2014, according to a story from ESPN. The couple already has a son -- Benjamin (great name) -- and were ready to start their lives together. When Woods found out one day during practice that Hamilton was ordained minister, he asked the coach if he would marry him and his fiancée. The coach agreed and Woods called Myers.

From ... 

"We kind of made it up on the fly," Woods said. "Coach Ham is one of my favorite coaches. He's been teaching me a lot of about fatherhood and other things."

It was an unexpected honor for Hamilton, who was thrilled to play a role in the couple's special moment.

"Life of being a college football coach," Hamilton said. "You get to be a part of kids' lives. It was fantastic for me to share that with them."

As far as we can tell, this is the first time a college football player has been married by one of his coaches after practice. It's certainly a situation of the rarest variety. However, there have been other instances of college football players proposing/tying the knot during football season. In addition to Johnson and Woods, Notre Dame wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. married his girlfriend during a bye week in the 2016 season. 

That's timing -- and who's to say you have to avoid fall weddings?

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