WATCH: FSU star has an emotional meeting with mom of boy with autism he befriended

By now, you might have seen the heartwarming picture of Florida State receiver Travis Rudolph having lunch with Bo Paske, an boy with autism who attends Montford Middle School. The photo, shared by Bo's mom Leah on Facebook, quickly went viral even though Rudolph had no idea the picture was even being taken.

The response has been tremendous. Bo Paske is now the most popular kid in the cafeteria, and he has a "friend forever" in Rudolph.

Thanks to Showtime's "A Season with Florida State Football," we were able to witness the first time Rudolph met Leah, an incredibly emotional moment.

"I'm still not even 100 percent sure you understand how much it meant," Leah Paske told Rudolph.

"You don't even have to think me," Rudolph replied. "Bo is a great person and you raised a great son."

"You're my friend forever, got me? Friend forever," Rudolph told Bo.

Because of social media and inside access from Showtime, we're able to see the arc of this story from the beginning. Otherwise, we may have never known about it. But it's also good to remember this was never done for likes, shares or page views. This was simply one person trying to make someone else's day through one small gesture.

If anything, we should be able to take that much from Rudolph and the Paske family and apply it to our own lives.

The first episode of "A Season with Florida State Football" airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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