WATCH: Iowa scores on one of the weirdest fourth-and-goal plays you will see

As it turns out, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has a little riverboat gambler in him after all. 

Actually, there's documented history of this, despite what popular narratives might suggest. Still, even for Ferentz -- hell, for anyone -- this was as bizarre a fourth-down call as you're going to see. But when the Floyd of Rosedale is on the line, anything goes. As such, the Hawkeyes lined up in this crazy formation during Saturday's game against Minnesota. The snap went to tight end T.J. Hockenson, who ran it four yards for the touchdown to go up 21-7. 

These are the kind of ace-in-the-hole plays that teams practice all the time, and maybe they see the light of day if they've been working in practice. It's a good way to catch a defense off guard and out of formation, and in this case, the Hawkeyes had the look they wanted. These are also the types of plays that can backfire if they go horribly wrong. Good thing that didn't happen here. 

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