WATCH: Jalen Hurd, blindsided while strolling, fumbles away sure TD

The epidemic of college football players dropping the ball before crossing the goal line hasn't gone away. In fact, Tennessee just one-upped the game.

Vols running back Jalen Hurd looked like he had a surefire touchdown catch in the second quarter against Georgia. Apparently Hurd thought so too, as he strolled towards the goal line.

That's when he was rocked by a Bulldogs defender, jarring the ball loose. Georgia recovered in the end zone.

This hurts Tennessee on two levels. There's the 14-point swing associated with the fumble, as Georgia marched down the field and scored. Secondly, the Vols had extraordinary fumble luck at the beginning of the season. Suffice it to say that luck is running out.

As for Hurd's casual stroll leading to the fumble: How does this keep happening? It should be branded into the heads of these players to hold on to the ball tightly until you've crossed the goal line.

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