Here's something you don't see every day: an onside free kick ... converted by the kicking team.

Trailing Stanford 19-6 in the fourth quarter following a safety, Kansas State used its free kick as a chance to gain an offensive possession. Somehow -- likely through a combination of execution and catching Stanford napping -- the Wildcats converted.

It was vintage Snyderball. Whether it should have been applauded or not is an equally classic conundrum, however.

What's more is that Kansas State took advantage of the extra possession by scoring a gorgeous touchdown seven plays later to make it a 19-13 game.

How rare is the onside free kick -- let alone the onside free kick conversion?

The Detroit Lions converted one in 2014 at Lambeau Field. And that's really all we could find after a quick search.

K-State ultimately fell short 26-13 thanks to a dagger by Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey, but no one can say the Wildcats didn't make a furious attempt at a comeback.