When Tyreek Hill made his NFL debut on a Sunday night, he did something that grabbed a lot of attention. As he streaked down the sideline toward an end zone, he flashed the deuces to defenders who had no hope of catching him. That's the thing about Tyreek Hill -- they don't call him The Cheetah because he's slow. If he's on a football field with you, you're hoping to be the second-fastest guy on the field, at best.

It's an essential lesson for all players to learn. Players like Abilene Christian's Lionell McConnell. The receiver took the ball on a jet sweep against Army, hit the corner and decided to show the Army defenders the deuces. Well, it didn't go very well.

And if there's one thing we know about college players, it's that they don't always learn their lesson. Later on Saturday, Kentucky running back Asim Rose flashed the deuces against Ole Miss before he, too, was tackled well short of the end zone. 

See, you can't do that unless you know you're gone. Both of these players misjudged the distance between them, the end zone, and the defenders. And now they look foolish. And since they looked foolish, they're getting a post written about them on

So let this be a lesson to McConnell, Rose and everybody: don't flash the deuces unless you're gone.