The most memorable thing to come out of National Signing Day 2017 wasn't a ceremony stunt or surprising flip -- it was a name. And that name was Kobe Buffalomeat.

Buffalomeat, a lineman from Lawrence, Kansas, signed with Illinois State on Wednesday. Almost instantly, his name went viral as commitments from around the country rolled in.

If Buffalomeat isn't at the top of the all-time All-Name team selection, he's not far from it. As part of the name's ever-growing fame, Buffalomeat appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week. The interview was a great way for the rest of the country to meet the signing day sensation, but the most interesting nugget was how Buffalomeat got his first name, not his last.

Kobe is, in fact, named after Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant.

"Kobe had just entered the league a couple of years before I was born," Buffalomeat said. "Oh after Kobe Bryant?" Kimmel replied. "Yeah, actually," Buffalomeat said.

The meaning behind Kobe Buffalomeat's name makes it that much greater. He's an all-time name for sure.