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The concept of teamwork in most football plays, following a pass or handoff, usually involves a ball carrier getting as far as they possibly can while the others serve as blockers to clear a path. But sometimes that teamwork can include an extra dish of the ball from one ball-carrier to another, as was the case for Louisiana Tech on Saturday.

The Bulldogs were lined up on defense and their opponents, UAB, were driving at the Tech 22-yard line. But the Bulldogs were e to erase the Blazers' progress when defensive back BeeJay Williamson was able to get an interception on 3rd-and-5. As he was getting tackled, Williamson made the smart choice to dump the ball off to the closest teammate behind him, who happened to be Khalil Ladler

The original tackle had apparently frozen everyone on offense, so when the lateral happened, they were all caught flat-footed as Ladler took the ball all the way to the house to give his side a 10-point lead.

It's a shame something like assists doesn't show up on the stat sheet in football, otherwise Williamson would be getting more proper credit for his contributions to this play beyond the pick itself.