LSU coach Ed Orgeron recorded a public service announcement for the state of Louisiana about COVID-19, and what people should be doing to help slow the spread of the virus that has shut down sports in the United States, as well as so many other facets of our daily lives.

In the PSA, Orgeron encourages everyone to take the proper precautions, like coughing into their elbows, washing their hands and using common sense techniques to help slow the spread of the disease.

While it might seem silly to have a football coach doing this kind of thing, the truth of the matter is that a lot of people are more likely to listen to Ed Orgeron telling them what to do than some nameless doctor on television or the internet. It's an odd part of human nature, but it's human nature all the same.

COVID-19 has effectively shut down collegiate athletics and just about every major conference has paused operations, including all sports-related activities, at least the next two weeks. Some have extended that into April. The NCAA was forced to outright cancel its men's and women's basketball tournaments for the first time.

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