WATCH: Monmouth football coach puts daughter through 'Quarantine Combine' to pass self-isolation time

Among the more difficult tasks during this period of the coronavirus pandemic where some states are mostly shutting down is keeping children busy. While it might be easy to just throw a video game in front of a kid and hope it distracts them for enough hours before bed, some parents have decided to diversify their activities with their children in an incredibly creative manner.

This was the approach of Monmouth University offensive quality control coach Vincent Grasso with a video he posted on his Twitter page Thursday. He titled it "Quarantine Combine Day 4" and it included a list of miniature combine activities he has his daughter, Gia, participate in, with a 10-yard sprint, the shuttle, the broad jump and even getting her measurements. Grasso caps off the tweet by saying his daughter will be going through media interviews soon.

Even better is that Grasso later posted Gia's unofficial results, which seem pretty solid overall. Plus it looks like Gia included an adorable drawing underneath her numbers -- or her dad did it, we're not here to judge.

Based on those results, all that's left for her to do is get a decent score on the Wonderlic test and her future career in the NFL will be all but guaranteed.

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