There are painful losses, then there are hall-of-fame losses. Virginia Tech just lost to No. 25 Liberty 38-35 on a first-ballot selection. 

The Hokies and Flames exchanged scores the entire game on Saturday when Liberty set up for a 59-yard field goal with eight seconds remaining. Alex Barbir's attempt was blocked and, in very #BeamerBall manner, returned all the way by Virginia Tech for what looked to be a walk-off score. Take a look at the miraculous would-be ending below: 

But when the dust of the play settled, it was determined that Virginia Tech actually called a timeout to ice the kicker prior to the snap. The touchdown was taken off the board, and Liberty faced another shot at fourth-and-6. Instead of trying another kick, the Flames sent their offense back out onto the field. Malik Willis hit CJ Yarbrough for an 8-yard completion to move the chains and keep Liberty's hopes alive. With one second left on the clock, Barbir hit a 51-yard field goal to give Liberty the 38-35 lead. 

Though Virginia Tech still had a slight chance to score on a kickoff return, multiple laterals proved fruitless. Now 7-0, Liberty could very well finish the season unbeaten and is playing towards a fun showdown against No. 15 Coastal Carolina on Dec. 5.