Update: Just minutes before midnight on Friday, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze released the following statement about Chad Kelly's incident from earlier in the night. "I have spoken to Chad ans his family. He understands that he should have handled this difficult situation with his brother differently. He has apologized, and we will continue to address this when he returns to campus."

Original story

This is not a good look, Chad Kelly.

Ole Miss is on a bye this week, and the Rebels quarterback decided to take advantage of it by returning home to watch his brother play football. Kelly's brother, Casey Kelly, is a quarterback at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, New York, which is where Chad played as well. During the game Casey Kelly was subjected to a late hit, which sparked a fight between the two teams.

A fight that caused the sidelines to clear, and Chad Kelly was one of the people who ran onto the field.

Here's video of the incident. You can see Kelly for an instant early in the video flying across the screen, and you see him again (in a white hoodie) needing to be restrained and pushed back toward the sideline late in the video.

Now, on the one hand you can dismiss this as nothing more than Chad Kelly trying to defend his brother. If that's the path you choose to take, fine, but I'm not all that sure running onto the field of a high school football game looking to start a fight with some teenagers is the wisest decision a 22-year old man on the verge of an NFL career can make.

Particularly when that same 22-year old was dismissed by Clemson in April 2014 for "conduct detrimental to the team," and eight months later was arrested for getting into a fight with bouncers outside of a Buffalo nightclub and threatening to come back with an AK-47.

These are bone-headed decisions. Worse than throwing into double-coverage decisions.

The kind of decisions that running onto the field of a high school game looking to brawl shows you haven't learned anything from.