WATCH: Overzealous Jackson State mascot flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after celebrating TD


Celebrating a touchdown in college football is what mascots do best. Some will pump up the crowd, others will do a backflip, while a select few will celebrate with the team ... on the field. And by select few, I mean one. 

Jackson State's mascot, Cocky, performed the rarely seen act of doing the latter on Sunday after the team scored on a 34-yard touchdown against Bethune-Cookman. As soon as quarterback Jalon Jones found Warren Newman for the score, the overzealous Tiger sprinted to greet Newman in the end zone. He was promptly flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

This is the exact opposite of unsportsmanlike conduct, of course. Maybe it's time college football create an overly-sportsmanlike conduct penalty to apply to rare scenarios like, say, when a rogue mascot goes bananas. Either way, unfortunately, this is against the rules of the sport. The touchdown counted, but the 15-yard penalty was assessed on the ensuing kickoff.

Fortunately for Jackson State officials who may have been concerned about the mascot's behavior, there were no further incidents -- because the team didn't score the remainder of the game.

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