WATCH: Rutgers players get in the Winter Olympics spirit by trying curling

Rutgers' offensive line didn't have much knowledge about curling outside of what they had watched in the Winter Olympics, but that didn't stop them from diving -- or sliding -- head first into a challenge with a local curling club. 

Plainfield Curling Club played host to the group, and the Players' Tribune was there to document the affair as the Scarlet Knights slipped and slid all over the ice, eventually getting the hang of the sport that has peaked recently with the United States' men's team winning the gold medal. 

"When you watch it on the Olympics, they make it look so easy, and coming out here it really humbles you," one player told The Players' Tribune. "I mean, I fell the first three times. It was fun to experience and see how hard it is to really do it."

They eventually learned how (and why) to sweep, score and went head-to-head with the Plainfield Curling Club. Check out the video below, via The Players' Tribune

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