WATCH: Seattle Seahawks reward loyal 12 in China

Every once in awhile, sports takes your breath away with an interesting story.

(The Seattle Seahawks are trying to chase down the Dallas Cowboys for the top spot in the NFC but on Sunday, they'll have to go through one of the Boys' rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, to do it. Make sure you're in the loop -- take five seconds to Sign up for our Free Seahawks newsletter now!)

The Seattle Seahawks just rewards one such story with a visit from their ambassador, former safety Jordan Babineaux.

Seahawks fan, Greg Nance, works in Shanghai, China, which as you can imagine makes it difficult to watch his team play but you'll learn just how difficult it is soon enough. But, with the help of Babineaux, he'll never forget one viewing experience.

Nance may not be in Seattle but he just proved he's just as loyal as any of the 12's

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