Tulsa scored an astounding 13 points in a one-second span on Saturday night during its clash with SMU. After scoring a touchdown early in the second quarter to take their first lead of the game, the Golden Hurricane capitalized when the Mustangs messed up the ensuing kickoff return.

SMU let the kickoff bounce in play and never jumped on the ball as two players were confused as to who was supposed to receive the ball. Instead, the Mustangs let it bounce in play as Tulsa ran up and grabbed it just outside the end zone before landing on it for six more points.

Tulsa missed the extra point after the second touchdown, forfeiting their potential 14th point and bringing the score to 16-6 with 13:45 remaining in the half. The Golden Hurricane's first, more traditional touchdown came after quarterback Zach Smith found receiver Keylon Stokes with 13:46 on the clock.

Safe to say you won't likely see another score like this one in college football. This comes one week after SMU reached No. 24 in both the Coaches Poll and AP Top 25 poll for the first time in nearly 30 years.