WATCH: Two incredible Curtis Samuel plays keep Ohio State's playoff hopes alive

For most of the game, Ohio State's Curtis Samuel wasn't having much of an impact. Time and again, Michigan's defense was able to keep Samuel in check. But even though he couldn't find a lot of room to work in regulation, Samuel played a huge role in Ohio State's double-overtime win over Michigan.

First, there was this play on third-and-9: J.T. Barrett hit Samuel on a swing pass and there was nothing there. Samuel then made a decision that seemed crazy at the time, one that looked like it would end up costing Ohio State yards and possibly put it out of field goal range.

With Michigan ahead by three points, it would have been devastating. Instead, Samuel somehow turned it into an eight-yard gain.

Ohio State would then go for it on fourth down, barely picking up the first down (or not picking it up at all, depending whom you ask), which set up this very next play.

That's a 15-yard touchdown run by Samuel that gave Ohio State the victory over Michigan and kept the Buckeyes' College Football Playoff hopes alive.

CBS Sports Writer

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