We have a new Cy-Hawk Trophy

Iowa's long statewide nightmare is over.

When Iowa and Iowa State meet on the field next September, the victor will have a brand new Cy-Hawk Trophy to claim, and it won't be one universally hated by both fanbases.

There were three different versions for the new trophy designed, and fans were allowed to vote on their favorite one. The concept called the "Mascot Football Concept" ran away with it, receiving 8,002 of the 10,282 votes cast.

Here's the winning concept.

As you can see, this pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State.

They're playing a football game, so it has a football. 

Holding the football are each of the school's mascots, so both schools are represented equally.

The mascots are holding the football in front of a cornfield, and 98% of the state of Iowa actually is corn. The other 2% of the state is people and buildings.

So I think this is a trophy everybody can be proud of.

Photo courtesy of the Des Moines Register 
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