What makes going to an Ohio State college football game in Columbus a unique game-day experience

The Ohio State University has a rich tradition of being one of the top competing teams in the Big 10 and in college football as a whole, as well as having some of the most passionate fans in the sport. 

Ohio State's top notch atmosphere keeps fans coming from all over the country to experience what being at a game at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, is like. 

While at the game, fans not only get to see great football, they are entertained by the marching band as well. The Buckeyes marching band is not your average band. Their performance is a staple to the games and is an impressive combination of choreographed formations and music. The group spells out "Ohio" as they perform and the dotting of the "i" is an iconic part of the celebration. 

Another unique element on the field are the Buckeyes stickers on the back of players helmets. If a player has a lot of stickers on their helmet you know they are one to watch during the game. 

Rumbles of "O-H-I-O" chants can be heard constantly throughout the stadium, showing love to the Buckeye State. Brutus Buckeye is seen getting selfies with fans, hyping up the crowd and showing Ohio State spirit as the crowd enjoys the game. He is the team's mascot and has been a symbol of Ohio State since 1965. 

The team's 102,082-seat stadium has been compared to a Roman coliseum and towers into the sky. The stadium environment is, in a word: Loud. The stadium is also called "The Horseshoe" or  "The Shoe" due to its unique shape.

The Short North area in Columbus is the place to visit leading up to the game. It offers restaurants, bars and shops mixed with the Ohio State football pride on every corner. 

From the band, to the chants in the stand, to the football played, there is something special about every game day at Ohio State. 

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