What's in a nickname? Kenny Hill prefers 'Kenny Trill'

Kenny Hill threw for a mere 511 yards vs. South Carolina. (USATSI)
Kenny Hill threw for a mere 511 yards vs. South Carolina. (USATSI)
Does Kenny Hill really need a nickname? Like, right now? Can't we, as a college football nation, take just a minute to appreciate his outrageous debut last Thursday and let any nickname arise from his burgeoning reputation organically?

Of course not! Hill's predecessor at Texas A&M enjoyed both a living-legendary career and answering to the most iconic college football nickname of the sport's past decade, so yes Hill needs a nickname, damn it, and he needs it now.

But Hill said Tuesday he wasn't interested in being known as "Kenny Football," and no one should blame him. (What was the last sequel as good as the original?) Per the Associated Press, Hill said of the many candidates proposed in the wake of his performance that he prefers "Kenny Trill."

"Trill," in this sense, of course, is the hip-hop hybrid of "true" and "real" popularized by Houston's own Bun B, so there's a local(ish) connection to go with the pun. The name spread so rapidly Tuesday Bun B himself weighed in:

Whatever Bun B's (likely temporary) objections, the name seems likely to stick, as documented here:

It still feels like too much, too soon, to this blogger. Not because Hill doesn't "deserve" a nickname yet -- no one should care about that -- but just because, again, nicknames either happen or they don't. To cite another Texas-centric example, Kevin Durant still doesn't have an actual nickname (unless you count "KD"), and that's perfectly OK. 

"Kenny Trill" is fine, but what if something better just happens to come along a month from now? What then?!? 

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