What's the secret to staying happy as a college football coach?

AUBURN, Ala. — It doesn't seem like college football coaches have much time to spend on idle things.

They're always on the move, whether it's coaching, meeting with players, recruiting, traveling, scheming for games, conducting camps or spending time in their offices conducting meeting after meeting. So, how does a coach avoid burnout?

Turns out it's the repetition and the seasons within the seasons that can make the old seem new again.

Let Auburn running backs coach Tim Horton explain.

"The one great thing about our job is about the time you get tired of spring practice, you go spring recruiting," he said. "About the time you get tired of spring recruiting, you go into the camp season. About the time you’re sick of camp, you go to vacation and after vacation you go to fall camp and then you go to the season.

"One of the things that’s good is I’m really enjoying spring practice right now but in about two weeks I’ll be really ready to go spring recruiting. And then about three weeks into that I’ll be tired of being on the road every day and I’ll be ready to get back to our players here and start getting ready for the summer football camps. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about our job: there’s about five or six different segments to your job that you move into throughout the course of the year. I love the recruiting part. You probably tend to do more solo traveling in the spring and maybe a little bit more group traveling (with other coaches) in the fall. I enjoy that part of it. I enjoy getting to meet coaches and kids and parents and principals and all that kind of stuff."

Simply put, if you're a coach who loves to talk to others and develop new relationships, life as a college football coach never gets old — or taxing.

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