Will Muschamp gets the dreaded vote of confidence

    This photo basically sums up the 2013 season for Muschamp's Gators    
This photo basically sums up the 2013 season for Muschamp's Gators. (USATSI)

Florida is in serious jeopardy of finishing the 2013 season with its first losing record since 1979. As you'd expect with a fan base that is accustomed to winning, there are plenty of Florida fans out there who would like to see a coaching change take place this winter.

However, according to Florida's athletic director Jeremy Foley, the school supports Muschamp more than is mathematicallly possible.

“As athletic director, I’m a thousand percent convinced that Will Muschamp is the guy to lead this football program,’’ Foley said in a release on the school's official site. “Nothing has changed in what we feel about Will Muschamp from the day we hired him.

“We have a history of being successful, we have a history of fixing things when they need to be fixed, and that is what is going to happen here, and Coach Muschamp is the one that will fix it.”

Ah, yes, the dreaded vote of confidence. It's seldom a good sign for a coach when his athletic director has received so many questions about the status of his football coach that they feel the need to publicly comment on it via the school's website.

The good news for Muschamp is that Foley's statement doesn't leave a whole lot of wiggle room for interpretation. I mean, 1,000 percent is a whole lot of percent, and Foley says nothing has changed. He didn't say he'd reevaluate anything at the end of the season.

So, for the moment, it seems that Muschamp is safe. Of course, he wouldn't be the first coach to lose his job after his boss said he was safe. Let's not forget that before the season started USC athletic director Pat Haden was fully behind Lane Kiffin, and we all know how that played out.

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