With Alabama's loss, Ohio State steps into the spotlight

    The Buckeyes were Saturday's biggest winner    
The Buckeyes were Saturday's biggest winner. (USATSI)

When Auburn's Chris Davis returned a missed field goal for a game-winning touchdown on the last play of the Iron Bowl Saturday, you can be sure that nobody in the country was more excited than Auburn fans. However, the second loudest screams you heard were coming from the direction of Columbus, Ohio.

After surviving a scare of their own against Michigan on Saturday, nobody benefits more from Alabama's loss to Auburn than the Ohio State Buckeyes. Urban Meyer's team was ranked third in the last set of BCS rankings, but now that Alabama has lost, Ohio State will likely move up to the second spot behind Florida State, putting it in a position to play for a national title.

Of course, Ohio State will need to get past Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game next week, or it's all a moot point.

Hell, even if Ohio State does beat Michigan State next week, it won't stop the push for a one-loss SEC champion surpassing them in the BCS standings. After all, this is a sport that's been dominated by the SEC for so long that college football fans and the media can't comprehend the idea of two non-SEC teams playing for a national title.

So even if Ohio State is the only logical No. 2 team at the moment, well, let's just say the world of sports has never been known for its logic. So anything is still possible at this point.

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