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On Tuesday the organization formerly known as the BCS made the announcement that when the college football playoff begins in in the 2014 season the college football playoff will have a shiny new name.

And that name will be College Football Playoff.

Bask in its glory, friends.

All right, so the name might be a bit of a dud, even if it is succinct and to the point, but there's still a chance for some excitement here. The College Football Playoff needs a logo and it has produced four options it wants college football fans to vote for.

Voting started on Tuesday and runs through next Monday at 3 p.m. ET. 

Sadly the four options are nearly as boring as the name itself.

I mean, there's the American flag logo because this is still America after all, and if there wasn't a logo with an American flag we might all wake up one day and think we're in Canada.

Logo No. 2 is the "emoticon football" logo which is just a football without actually being a football.

The third option is the phrase College Football Playoff wearing that fancy new necklace its husband bought it after she caught him with the maid, and while it's a nice necklace, it also serves as a reminder of his betrayal.

Finally there's the football with the dog collar. I don't know why a football would wear a dog collar because the football is meant to be held in your hand and those spikes are going to make using the football extremely uncomfortable.

So which one should you vote for? Hey, I'm not going to tell you, this is America (see Logo No. 1 for a reminder) and your vote is yours. Just know that no matter what you vote for you are wrong.

Oh, and that none of this actually matters. In the end it's just a name and a piece of clip art. It's the football that will matter.

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