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Auburn provides answers to our burning questions.
| 1508741520
Arkansas made it easy for Auburn on its first touchdown Saturday night.
| 1508741160
Three takeaways, pass rush stats and quick-hit thoughts from a comprehensive film study of Penn State's defense in last Saturday's 42-13 win over Michigan
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The Nittany Lion veteran admitted the hype the Michigan defense was getting before Saturday night's game served as a motivator. So did PSU's 2016 ugly loss in Ann Arbor.
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ITRR senior writer Joe Yeager and publisher Jarret Johnson discuss Texas Tech's 31-13 loss to Iowa State.
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The junior linebacker and team captain addressed the media on Saturday.
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Jones explains the "miscommunication" on the failed flea flicker attempt and the decision to wait until two seconds before halftime to take a timeout.
| 1508731046
Former Husker Rex Burkhead had a well-rounded game on Sunday.
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It's time for another edition of the HFB FrogCast!
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Tennessee statistically has the worst offense among power-conference teams this season. More numbers underline the misery for the Vols.

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