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Check out the Top 20 teams in DFW 6A after Week 7. All districts from 3-6A to 11-6A (except 8-6A) are represented, so you may see some out of area teams! Watch them progress.
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"Whatever your motivation is, let's punch it and let's go."
| 1508397660
Nick Wilson is healthy and running with a purpose. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez has to say about his success and more.
| 1508397660
We ask Ryan Gorcey of six questions surrounding Arizona's game against California on Saturday.
| 1508393373
The DuckTerritory Podcast Previewing UCLA and Herbert's return.
| 1508392640
From linebacker rotations to turning Darius Allensworth into a nickel back, Cal defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter breaks down preparation for Arizona.
| 1508392620
Oregon head football coach Willie Taggart talks UCLA prep and Braxton Burmeister's play.
| 1508392354
Oregon defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt grades Stanford and looks ahead to UCLA.
| 1508391009
The questions are spot on the crew delivers the thunder in this don't-miss episode of the Powercat Podcast
| 1508391004
How Oregon's NBA Ducks played in their season openers.

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