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 Leach says rolls take less toll on players' legs and are more fair to the big guys.
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HFB takes a look at some targets the Frogs are pursuing at running back.
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An arrest was made in the shooting of an ex-Kentucky football player.
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The redshirt freshman is seeing first-team reps as injuries have plagued the tight end group in fall camp.
Ross Bowsher claims KSU was well aware of his certification status during his employment
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A high ankle sprain could have Brown on the shelf for a while, but Hemphill-Mapps is already back from ankle injury earlier this week
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UAB's Chris Schleuger was once one of the top running backs in Iowa high school football. Now, he's a leader on a UAB offensive line that is one of the team's strengths.
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The meeting would be part of the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game series.
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On Friday, The Lawn at UVa saw outsiders burning torches as a sign of hate. Tonight, that same space was aglow with candles held by students, athletes, and administrators.

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