College Basketball Play by Play - Presbyterian vs. Cincinnati

1st Half
20:00 CINJumpball received by Dion Dixon
19:400-0CINSean Kilpatrick missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
19:40 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Khalid 19:40
19:320-0PRESBYJosh Johnson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
19:32 CINDefensive Rebound by Justin 19:32
19:090-0CINJustin Jackson missed Jump Shot
19:09 CINOffensive Rebound by Dion 19:09
18:560-0CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
18:56 CINOffensive Rebound by Justin 18:56
18:510-0CINJustin Jackson missed Layup
18:51 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 18:51
18:47 CINPersonal foul on Justin Jackson
18:26 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Al'Lonzo Coleman, Stolen by Yancy Gates
18:180-0CINCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:150-0CINJustin Jackson missed Tip-in
17:51 PRESBYPersonal foul on Pierre Miller
17:330-0PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Jump Shot
17:33 CINDefensive Rebound by Dion 17:33
17:110-2CINYancy Gates made Layup
16:532-2PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Layup
16:43 CINBad pass turnover on Cashmere Wright
16:354-2PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Jump Shot
16:004-2CINSean Kilpatrick missed Jump Shot
16:00 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Josh 16:00
15:534-2PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:53 CINDefensive Rebound by Sean 15:53
15:384-2CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
15:38 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Joshua 15:38
15:13 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Joshua Clyburn, Stolen by Yancy Gates
15:084-2CINSean Kilpatrick missed Jump Shot
15:08 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Joshua 15:08
15:026-2PRESBYJay Reynolds made Layup, Assist Pierre Miller
14:57 CINFull Timeout
14:346-2CINDion Dixon missed Jump Shot
14:34 CINOffensive Rebound by Sean 14:34
14:29 PRESBYPersonal foul on William Truss
14:29  TV Timeout
14:296-2CINSean Kilpatrick missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
14:296-3CINSean Kilpatrick made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
14:03 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Ryan McTavish
13:436-3CINCashmere Wright missed Layup
13:43 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Khalid 13:43
13:24 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Al'Lonzo Coleman, Stolen by Cashmere Wright
13:156-3CINDion Dixon missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:15 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 13:15
13:046-3PRESBYWilliam Truss missed Layup, Blocked by Sean Kilpatrick
12:468-3PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Layup
12:108-3CINCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:10 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Eric 12:10
12:0010-3PRESBYJay Reynolds made Layup
11:3510-3CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Al'Lonzo Coleman
11:35 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Eric 11:35
11:2512-3PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Layup, Assist Eric Washington
11:10 CINLost ball turnover on Cashmere Wright
11:10  TV Timeout
11:10 CINPersonal foul on Cashmere Wright
10:5012-3PRESBYJay Reynolds missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Yancy Gates
10:50 CINDefensive Rebound by Yancy 10:50
10:3012-5CINYancy Gates made Slam Dunk
10:30 PRESBYShooting foul on Jay Reynolds
10:3012-5CINYancy Gates missed Free Throw
10:30 CINOffensive Rebound by Dion 10:30
10:2312-5CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
10:21 PRESBYPersonal foul on Josh Johnson
10:0412-8CINDion Dixon made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Justin Jackson
9:57 PRESBYBad pass turnover on Eric Washington
9:4112-10CINYancy Gates made Jump Shot
9:16 PRESBYBad pass turnover on Al'Lonzo Coleman
8:5512-12CINJustin Jackson made Layup, Assist Yancy Gates
8:1512-12PRESBYPierre Miller missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:15 CINDefensive Rebound by Sean 8:15
7:5412-12CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
7:51 PRESBYLoose ball foul on Al'Lonzo Coleman
7:51  TV Timeout
7:3312-12CINSean Kilpatrick missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:33 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Pierre 7:33
7:2312-12PRESBYPierre Miller missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:23 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Jay 7:23
7:1815-12PRESBYJosh Johnson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Khalid Mutakabbir
6:4015-14CINYancy Gates made Jump Shot
6:2517-14PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made Layup, Assist Khalid Mutakabbir
6:02 CINBad pass turnover on Justin Jackson
5:5217-14PRESBYJosh Johnson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:52 CINDefensive Rebound by Justin 5:52
5:3117-14CINCashmere Wright missed Jump Shot
5:31 CINOffensive Rebound by Yancy 5:31
5:2717-14CINYancy Gates missed Layup
5:27 CINOffensive Rebound by Justin 5:27
5:23 PRESBYShooting foul on Josh Johnson
5:2317-14CINJustin Jackson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:2317-15CINJustin Jackson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:1417-15PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:14 CINDefensive Rebound by Justin 5:14
4:5017-17CINJustin Jackson made Layup
4:2517-17PRESBYPierre Miller missed Layup
3:5117-17CINDion Dixon missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:51 CINOffensive Rebound by Yancy 3:51
3:4717-17CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
3:47 CINOffensive Rebound by Dion 3:47
3:4417-19CINDion Dixon made Layup
3:25 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Khalid Mutakabbir, Stolen by Justin Jackson
3:0917-19CINDion Dixon missed Jump Shot
3:09 CINOffensive Rebound by Dion 3:09
3:04 CINOffensive foul on Dion Dixon
3:04 CINOffensive Foul turnover on Dion Dixon
3:04  TV Timeout
2:4019-19PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Jump Shot
2:1319-21CINYancy Gates made Jump Shot
1:4219-21PRESBYJoshua Clyburn missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Justin Jackson
1:42 CINDefensive Rebound by Yancy 1:42
1:2719-23CINJustin Jackson made Jump Shot
59.019-23PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Layup
59.0 CINDefensive Rebound by Yancy 59.0
42.0 PRESBYPersonal foul on Al'Lonzo Coleman
17.019-26CINYancy Gates made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Ge'Lawn Guyn
6.019-26PRESBYPierre Miller missed Layup
6.0 CINDefensive Rebound by Ge'Lawn 6.0
1.019-26CINGe'Lawn Guyn missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:4419-26CINDion Dixon missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
19:44 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Jay 19:44
19:18 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Al'Lonzo Coleman, Stolen by Justin Jackson
19:1319-26CINSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
19:13 CINOffensive Rebound by Dion 19:13
19:0919-28CINDion Dixon made Layup
18:5619-28PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Layup, Blocked by Yancy Gates
18:56 CINDefensive Rebound by Dion 18:56
18:4719-28CINCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:47 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Josh 18:47
18:2119-28PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:21 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Khalid 18:21
18:1719-28PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir missed Jump Shot
18:17 CINDefensive Rebound by Dion 18:17
18:5319-30CINSean Kilpatrick made Layup
17:33 CINShooting foul on Justin Jackson
17:3319-30PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
17:3320-30PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
17:16 CINLost ball turnover on Dion Dixon, Stolen by Jay Reynolds
17:11 CINShooting foul on Cashmere Wright
17:1121-30PRESBYJosh Johnson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
17:1122-30PRESBYJosh Johnson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16:5022-30CINDion Dixon missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:50 CINOffensive Rebound by Justin 16:50
16:3222-32CINYancy Gates made Jump Shot
15:5625-32PRESBYRyan Hargrave made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Pierre Miller
15:3925-32CINCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:39 CINOffensive Rebound by Dion 15:39
15:27  TV Timeout
15:0225-34CINCashmere Wright made Layup
14:4325-34PRESBYRyan Hargrave missed Jump Shot
14:43 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 14:43
14:3925-34PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Layup
14:39 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 14:39
14:3727-34PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made Tip-in
14:37 CINShooting foul on Justin Jackson
14:3728-34PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made Free Throw
14:2128-37CINSean Kilpatrick made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Cashmere Wright
13:5430-37PRESBYPierre Miller made Layup
13:3330-40CINSean Kilpatrick made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Cashmere Wright
13:1030-40PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Layup
13:10 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 13:10
13:02 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Pierre Miller
12:4030-40CINSean Kilpatrick missed Jump Shot
12:40 CINOffensive Rebound by Yancy 12:40
12:36 PRESBYShooting foul on Al'Lonzo Coleman
12:3630-41CINYancy Gates made 1st of 2 Free Throws
12:3630-41CINYancy Gates missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
12:36 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Josh 12:36
12:1730-41PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir missed Jump Shot
12:17 CINDefensive Rebound by Cashmere 12:17
12:03 CINLost ball turnover on Kelvin Gaines
11:4430-41PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Kelvin Gaines
11:44 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Khalid 11:44
11:3332-41PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Jump Shot
11:0132-44CINSean Kilpatrick made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Dion Dixon
10:2432-44PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Jump Shot
10:24 CINDefensive Rebound by Dion 10:24
10:1132-47CINSean Kilpatrick made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Dion Dixon
10:11 CIN30-second Timeout
9:41 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Al'Lonzo Coleman
9:1232-47CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
9:12 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 9:12
8:4832-47PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Layup
8:48 PRESBYOffensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 8:48
8:44 CINPersonal foul on Kelvin Gaines
8:4433-47PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made Free Throw
8:3033-49CINSean Kilpatrick made Jump Shot
7:5835-49PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Jump Shot
7:58 PRESBY30-second Timeout
7:30 PRESBYPersonal foul on Jay Reynolds
7:30  Official Timeout
7:2735-49CINJustin Jackson missed Jump Shot
7:27 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 7:27
7:1938-49PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Eric Washington
6:57 CINLost ball turnover on Justin Jackson, Stolen by Khalid Mutakabbir
6:5140-49PRESBYEric Washington made Layup
6:51 CIN30-second Timeout
6:35 PRESBYPersonal foul on Eric Washington
6:1640-49CINSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
6:16 CINOffensive Rebound by Yancy 6:16
6:1240-49CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
6:12 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 6:12
5:3940-49PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Jump Shot
5:39 CINPersonal foul on Kelvin Gaines
5:3841-49PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made Free Throw
5:19 CINLost ball turnover on Cashmere Wright
5:0543-49PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made Layup
5:05 CIN30-second Timeout
4:48 PRESBYPersonal foul on Khalid Mutakabbir
4:48 PRESBYPersonal foul on Jay Reynolds
4:4745-49CINDion Dixon missed Jump Shot
4:47 CINOffensive Rebound by Justin 4:47
4:41 CINLost ball turnover on Justin Jackson
4:21 PRESBYLost ball turnover on Josh Johnson, Stolen by Justin Jackson
4:1745-51CINJustin Jackson made Layup, Assist Sean Kilpatrick
3:5845-51PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Layup, Blocked by Justin Jackson
3:58  TV Timeout
3:30 PRESBYPersonal foul on Al'Lonzo Coleman
3:3045-51CINYancy Gates missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:3045-52CINYancy Gates made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:1247-52PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman made Layup, Assist Eric Washington
3:12 CINPersonal foul on Justin Jackson
3:1247-52PRESBYAl'Lonzo Coleman missed Free Throw
3:12 CINDefensive Rebound by Yancy 3:12
2:4147-52CINDion Dixon missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:41 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 2:41
2:1847-52PRESBYEric Washington missed Layup
2:18 CINDefensive Rebound by Justin 2:18
1:4547-52CINYancy Gates missed Jump Shot
1:45 CINOffensive Rebound by Octavius 1:45
1:3547-54CINSean Kilpatrick made Layup
1:1750-54PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:17 PRESBY30-second Timeout
48.050-54CINDion Dixon missed Jump Shot
48.0 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Eric 48.0
38.052-54PRESBYJay Reynolds made Layup, Assist Eric Washington
38.0 CINShooting foul on Justin Jackson
38.053-54PRESBYJay Reynolds made Free Throw
38.0 CIN30-second Timeout
18.0 PRESBYPersonal foul on Khalid Mutakabbir
18.053-54CINYancy Gates missed Free Throw
14.053-54CINSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
14.0 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Al'Lonzo 14.0
8.056-54PRESBYKhalid Mutakabbir made 3-pt. Running Jump Shot, Assist Eric Washington
8.0 CINFull Timeout
8.0 PRESBY30-second Timeout
8.056-54CINCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8.0 PRESBYDefensive Rebound by Khalid 8.0
0.0End of period.