College Basketball Play by Play - UT Martin vs. Mississippi State

1st Half
20:00 TNMARTJumpball received by Martez Harris
19:26 TNMARTBad pass turnover on Dane Smith
19:020-0MSSTBrian Bryant missed Jump Shot
19:02 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Wendell 19:02
18:430-2MSSTRodney Hood made Jump Shot
18:180-2TNMARTMyles Taylor missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:18 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Jalen 18:18
18:070-5MSSTDee Bost made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Brian Bryant
17:442-5TNMARTOmari Minor made Jump Shot
17:132-5MSSTDee Bost missed Layup
17:13 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Myles 17:13
16:492-5TNMARTMyles Taylor missed Jump Shot
16:49 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Brian 16:49
16:402-5MSSTJalen Steele missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:40 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Martez 16:40
16:052-5TNMARTMartez Harris missed Jump Shot
16:05 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Wendell 16:05
15:532-5MSSTRodney Hood missed Jump Shot
15:53 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Wendell 15:53
15:50 TNMARTPersonal foul on Myles Taylor
15:50  TV Timeout
15:422-7MSSTJalen Steele made Jump Shot
15:232-7TNMARTMyles Taylor missed Jump Shot
15:23 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Rodney 15:23
15:032-7MSSTDee Bost missed Jump Shot
14:484-7TNMARTDane Smith made Layup
14:28 MSSTLost ball turnover on Deville Smith, Stolen by Omari Minor
14:244-7TNMARTMike Liabo missed Layup
13:594-9MSSTBrian Bryant made Layup
13:414-9TNMARTMike Liabo missed Jump Shot
13:41 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Brian 13:41
13:37 MSSTLost ball turnover on Brian Bryant, Stolen by Jeremy Washington
13:346-9TNMARTJeremy Washington made Jump Shot
13:206-11MSSTDeville Smith made Layup, Assist Brian Bryant
13:006-11TNMARTOmari Minor missed Jump Shot
13:00 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Rodney 13:00
12:466-13MSSTRodney Hood made Jump Shot
12:306-13TNMARTJeremy Washington missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:30 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Dane 12:30
12:27 MSSTShooting foul on Brian Bryant
12:277-13TNMARTDane Smith made 1st of 2 Free Throws
12:278-13TNMARTDane Smith made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
12:24 TNMARTShooting foul on Corderio Maclin
12:248-14MSSTDee Bost made 1st of 2 Free Throws
12:248-15MSSTDee Bost made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
12:0010-15TNMARTDane Smith made Layup
11:56 MSSTLost ball turnover on Brian Bryant, Stolen by Dane Smith
11:4910-15TNMARTMike Liabo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:49 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Roquez 11:49
11:4110-15MSSTDeville Smith missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:41 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Corderio 11:41
11:3010-15TNMARTCorderio Maclin missed Jump Shot
11:30 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Deville 11:30
11:2010-18MSSTDee Bost made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jalen Steele
11:0110-18TNMARTOmari Minor missed Layup
11:01  TV Timeout
10:5610-20MSSTWendell Lewis made Slam Dunk, Assist Jalen Steele
10:3010-20TNMARTMike Liabo missed Jump Shot
10:30 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Jalen 10:30
10:23 TNMARTPersonal foul on Chris Richardson
10:02 MSSTLost ball turnover on Deville Smith, Stolen by Corderio Maclin
9:4210-20TNMARTMike Liabo missed Layup
9:42 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Wendell 9:42
9:34 MSSTOffensive foul on Jalen Steele
9:34 MSSTOffensive Foul turnover on Jalen Steele
9:1610-20TNMARTCorderio Maclin missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Dee Bost
9:12 TNMARTLost ball turnover on Troy King, Stolen by Dee Bost
9:09 MSSTLost ball turnover on Jalen Steele, Stolen by Chris Richardson
9:0410-20TNMARTCorderio Maclin missed Layup
9:04 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Dee 9:04
8:57 TNMARTShooting foul on Corderio Maclin
8:5710-20MSSTWendell Lewis missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:5710-20MSSTWendell Lewis missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:57 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Mike 8:57
8:40 TNMARTOut of bounds turnover on Mike Liabo
8:1710-20MSSTWendell Lewis missed Jump Shot
8:17 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Myles 8:17
8:0612-20TNMARTJeremy Washington made Jump Shot, Assist Chris Richardson
7:45 TNMARTPersonal foul on Jeremy Washington
7:45  TV Timeout
7:4512-20MSSTDee Bost missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:45 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Wendell 7:45
7:43 MSSTLost ball turnover on Deville Smith, Stolen by Khristian Taylor
7:2912-20TNMARTJeremy Washington missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:29 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Deville 7:29
7:2312-22MSSTRodney Hood made Jump Shot
6:5414-22TNMARTDane Smith made Driving layup
6:2914-24MSSTDee Bost made Driving layup
6:0816-24TNMARTMyles Taylor made Jump Shot, Assist Jeremy Washington
5:4716-26MSSTDeville Smith made Finger-roll Layup
5:2419-26TNMARTChris Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jeremy Washington
5:0419-26MSSTBrian Bryant missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:04 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Wendell 5:04
5:0019-28MSSTWendell Lewis made Turnaround Jump Shot
4:4022-28TNMARTMyles Taylor made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Chris Richardson
4:04 TNMARTPersonal foul on Dane Smith
3:5822-28MSSTDee Bost missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:58 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Mike 3:58
3:4122-28TNMARTMike Liabo missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Rodney Hood
3:41 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Rodney 3:41
3:35 TNMARTPersonal foul on Omari Minor
3:35  TV Timeout
3:3522-29MSSTDee Bost made 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:3522-29MSSTDee Bost missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:35 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Mike 3:35
3:18 TNMARTLost ball turnover on Mike Liabo, Stolen by Deville Smith
3:0522-31MSSTDeville Smith made Driving Dunk
2:4822-31TNMARTEli York missed Layup, Blocked by Rodney Hood
2:48 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Dane 2:48
2:4622-31TNMARTDane Smith missed Tip-in
2:46 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Wendell 2:46
2:3922-31MSSTDee Bost missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:39 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Rodney 2:39
2:3322-31MSSTDee Bost missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:33 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Omari 2:33
2:29 MSSTPersonal foul on Jalen Steele
2:28 TNMARTBad pass turnover on Dane Smith
2:1222-33MSSTWendell Lewis made Layup, Assist Dee Bost
1:59 TNMARTOffensive foul on Omari Minor
1:59 TNMARTOffensive Foul turnover on Omari Minor
1:3322-35MSSTDeville Smith made Layup
1:32 TNMARTFull Timeout
1:2424-35TNMARTDane Smith made Layup
56.0 MSSTBad pass turnover on Deville Smith
24.0 TNMARTLost ball turnover on Chris Richardson
23.0 MSSTFull Timeout
4.024-35MSSTDeville Smith missed Layup
4.0 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Wendell 4.0
2.024-35MSSTDee Bost missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:5524-35TNMARTDane Smith missed Layup, Blocked by Wendell Lewis
19:55 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Wendell 19:55
19:2424-37MSSTRodney Hood made Jump Shot
18:5926-37TNMARTDane Smith made Layup, Assist Myles Taylor
18:59 MSSTShooting foul on Brian Bryant
18:5926-37TNMARTDane Smith missed Free Throw
18:59 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Rodney 18:59
18:4426-39MSSTDee Bost made Layup
18:44 TNMARTShooting foul on Dane Smith
18:4426-39MSSTDee Bost missed Free Throw
18:44 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Jeremy 18:44
18:3429-39TNMARTMyles Taylor made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Omari Minor
18:2429-41MSSTJalen Steele made Jump Shot
18:0931-41TNMARTMyles Taylor made Slam Dunk
17:5631-43MSSTWendell Lewis made Layup, Assist Jalen Steele
17:48 TNMARTLost ball turnover on Omari Minor, Stolen by Dee Bost
17:4331-43MSSTJalen Steele missed Layup, Blocked by Myles Taylor
17:43 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Wendell 17:43
17:4231-45MSSTWendell Lewis made Layup
17:42 TNMARTShooting foul on Omari Minor
17:4231-46MSSTWendell Lewis made Free Throw
17:1131-46TNMARTDane Smith missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:11 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Brian 17:11
17:0531-46MSSTJalen Steele missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:05 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Myles 17:05
15:48 MSSTPersonal foul on Brian Bryant
15:48  TV Timeout
15:3231-46TNMARTMyles Taylor missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:32 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Dee 15:32
15:19 MSSTLost ball turnover on Wendell Lewis, Stolen by Jeremy Washington
15:1333-46TNMARTMike Liabo made Jump Shot
14:5333-48MSSTRodney Hood made Leaning Jump Shot
14:27 TNMARTLost ball turnover on Chris Richardson, Stolen by Dee Bost
14:2533-50MSSTDee Bost made Driving Dunk
14:17 TNMARTFull Timeout
14:1233-50TNMARTMike Liabo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
14:12 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Dane 14:12
14:08 TNMARTBad pass turnover on Dane Smith
13:5033-53MSSTDeville Smith made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Dee Bost
13:40 TNMARTOut of bounds turnover on Dane Smith
13:2933-53MSSTDee Bost missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:29 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Troy 13:29
13:1133-53TNMARTTroy King missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:11 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Dane 13:11
13:0835-53TNMARTDane Smith made Jump Shot
12:48 MSSTLost ball turnover on Brian Bryant, Stolen by Mike Liabo
12:36 MSSTPersonal foul on Brian Bryant
12:2435-53TNMARTMike Liabo missed Turnaround Jump Shot, Blocked by Wendell Lewis
12:24 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Wendell 12:24
12:1035-55MSSTRodney Hood made Jump Shot
11:4837-55TNMARTDane Smith made Driving layup
11:2037-57MSSTDee Bost made Jump Shot
11:01  TV Timeout
10:4439-57TNMARTCorderio Maclin made Dunk Shot
10:2239-57MSSTJalen Steele missed Fadeaway Jump Shot
10:22 MSSTOffensive Rebound by Dee 10:22
10:19 MSSTLost ball turnover on Dee Bost
10:16 MSSTPersonal foul on Dee Bost
10:0039-57TNMARTMike Liabo missed Jump Shot
10:00 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Rodney 10:00
9:51 TNMARTShooting foul on Corderio Maclin
9:5139-58MSSTRoquez Johnson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:5139-58MSSTRoquez Johnson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:51 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Corderio 9:51
9:3139-58TNMARTCorderio Maclin missed Floating Jump Shot
9:31 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Rodney 9:31
9:25 TNMARTPersonal foul on Martez Harris
9:2039-60MSSTDeville Smith made Layup
9:20 TNMARTShooting foul on Corderio Maclin
9:2039-60MSSTDeville Smith missed Free Throw
9:20 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Corderio 9:20
9:0139-60TNMARTCorderio Maclin missed Jump Shot
8:54 MSSTPersonal foul on Roquez Johnson
8:4939-60TNMARTTroy King missed Jump Shot
8:49 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Martez 8:49
8:4739-60TNMARTMartez Harris missed Jump Shot
8:47 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Khristian 8:47
8:4739-60TNMARTKhristian Taylor missed Jump Shot
8:47 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Roquez 8:47
8:1739-62MSSTRodney Hood made Floating Jump Shot
7:50 TNMARTOffensive foul on Martez Harris
7:50 TNMARTOffensive Foul turnover on Martez Harris
7:50  TV Timeout
7:44 TNMARTShooting foul on Myles Taylor
7:4439-62MSSTRoquez Johnson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:4439-62MSSTRoquez Johnson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:44 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Mike 7:44
7:3141-62TNMARTMike Liabo made Jump Shot
7:0441-65MSSTBrian Bryant made 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:31 MSSTPersonal foul on Roquez Johnson
6:1441-65TNMARTJeremy Washington missed Jump Shot
6:14 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Roquez 6:14
6:00 TNMARTShooting foul on Jeremy Washington
6:0041-66MSSTRodney Hood made 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:0041-66MSSTRodney Hood missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:00 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Jeremy 6:00
5:4641-68MSSTJalen Steele made Jump Shot
5:29 MSSTShooting foul on Deville Smith
5:2941-68TNMARTKhristian Taylor missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:2941-68TNMARTKhristian Taylor missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:2341-70MSSTDeville Smith made Layup
4:5341-70MSSTJalen Steele missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:53 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Khristian 4:53
4:4141-70TNMARTMike Liabo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:41 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Dane 4:41
4:4141-70TNMARTDane Smith missed Jump Shot
4:36 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Khristian 4:36
4:2743-70TNMARTMyles Taylor made Layup
3:5643-70MSSTDeville Smith missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:56 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Myles 3:56
3:49 MSSTShooting foul on Deville Smith
3:49  TV Timeout
3:4944-70TNMARTDane Smith made 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:4944-70TNMARTDane Smith missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:49 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Roquez 3:49
3:2644-72MSSTRodney Hood made Jump Shot
3:0644-74MSSTDeville Smith made Floating Jump Shot
3:06 TNMART30-second Timeout
2:4444-74TNMARTPierre Mopo missed Jump Shot
2:44 TNMARTOffensive Rebound by Pierre 2:44
2:3246-74TNMARTPierre Mopo made Layup
2:1046-74MSSTTyson Cunningham missed Jump Shot
2:10 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Mike 2:10
1:57 MSST30-second Timeout
1:4146-74TNMARTMartez Harris missed Free Throw
1:41 MSSTDefensive Rebound by Roquez 1:41
1:0448-74TNMARTCorderio Maclin made Slam Dunk
51.048-74MSSTTyson Cunningham missed Floating Jump Shot
51.0 TNMARTDefensive Rebound by Pierre 51.0
34.0 TNMARTPersonal foul on Corderio Maclin
34.048-75MSSTTaylor Luczak made 1st of 2 Free Throws
34.048-76MSSTTaylor Luczak made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
25.050-76TNMARTCorderio Maclin made Driving layup
0.0End of period.