College Basketball Play by Play - Michigan State vs. Illinois

1st Half
20:00 ILJumpball received by Tracy Abrams
19:42 ILBad pass turnover on Joseph Bertrand
19:16 ILLost ball turnover on D.J. Richardson, Stolen by Keith Appling
19:020-0MISTBranden Dawson missed Jump Shot
18:59 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 18:59
18:58 ILPersonal foul on D.J. Richardson
18:561-0MISTBranden Dawson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
18:562-0MISTBranden Dawson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
18:42 ILOffensive foul on Brandon Paul
18:42 ILOffensive Foul turnover on Brandon Paul
18:232-0MISTDraymond Green missed Jump Shot
18:19 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 18:19
18:182-0MISTBranden Dawson missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Meyers Leonard
18:092-0MISTAdreian Payne missed Jump Shot
18:06 MISTOffensive Rebound by Draymond 18:06
18:062-0MISTDraymond Green missed Jump Shot
18:01 MISTOffensive Rebound by Brandon 18:01
18:002-0MISTBrandon Wood missed Jump Shot
17:56 MISTOffensive Rebound by Adreian 17:56
17:41 MISTShooting foul on Keith Appling
17:412-0ILTracy Abrams missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
17:412-0ILTracy Abrams missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
17:41 MISTDefensive Rebound by Draymond 17:41
17:402-0MISTDraymond Green missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:36 ILDefensive Rebound by Tracy 17:36
17:252-0ILBrandon Paul missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:072-2ILMeyers Leonard made Alley-oop, Assist Brandon Paul
16:41 MISTLost ball turnover on Branden Dawson, Stolen by Tracy Abrams
16:41 IL30-second Timeout
16:242-4ILD.J. Richardson made Jump Shot, Assist Brandon Paul
16:035-4MISTAdreian Payne made 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:475-4ILBrandon Paul missed Jump Shot
15:42 ILOffensive Rebound by Nnanna 15:42
15:36 MISTPersonal foul on Brandon Wood
15:36  TV Timeout
15:245-7ILD.J. Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Brandon Paul
14:535-7MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Meyers Leonard
14:475-7MISTKeith Appling missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
14:47 MIST35-second shotclock violaton turnover on Keith Appling
14:28 ILLost ball turnover on Brandon Paul, Stolen by Austin Thornton
14:208-7MISTBrandon Wood made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Keith Appling
14:07 ILBad pass turnover on D.J. Richardson
13:458-7MISTKeith Appling missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:36 MISTPersonal foul on Austin Thornton
13:358-7ILMeyers Leonard missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:30 MISTDefensive Rebound by Brandon 13:30
13:178-7MISTDerrick Nix missed Jump Shot
13:13 ILDefensive Rebound by Meyers 13:13
12:34 MISTPersonal foul on Derrick Nix
12:188-7ILJoseph Bertrand missed Jump Shot
12:11 MISTDefensive Rebound by Keith 12:11
12:098-7MISTDraymond Green missed Jump Shot
12:0610-7MISTAdreian Payne made Jump Shot
11:4710-9ILBrandon Paul made Jump Shot, Assist Sam Maniscalco
11:3410-9MISTAdreian Payne missed Jump Shot
11:28 MISTOffensive Rebound by Adreian 11:28
11:2810-9MISTAdreian Payne missed Jump Shot
11:25 MISTOffensive Rebound by Austin 11:25
11:2410-9MISTKeith Appling missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:20 ILDefensive Rebound by Joseph 11:20
11:1210-11ILD.J. Richardson made Jump Shot
10:54 MISTOffensive foul on Draymond Green
10:54 MISTOffensive Foul turnover on Draymond Green
10:54 MISTTechnical foul on Draymond Green
10:5410-12ILBrandon Paul made Technical Free Throw
10:5410-12ILSam Maniscalco missed Technical Free Throw
10:4610-12ILBrandon Paul missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:43 MISTDefensive Rebound by Derrick 10:43
10:29 MISTLost ball turnover on Derrick Nix, Stolen by Brandon Paul
10:22 ILOut of bounds turnover on Brandon Paul
10:17 ILShooting foul on Nnanna Egwu
10:0410-12MISTBrandon Wood missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:57 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 9:57
9:5610-12MISTBranden Dawson missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Nnanna Egwu
9:47 ILDefensive Rebound by D.J. 9:47
9:2910-12ILBrandon Paul missed Jump Shot
9:26 MISTDefensive Rebound by Branden 9:26
9:2012-12MISTBranden Dawson made Jump Shot, Assist Keith Appling
8:57 ILLost ball turnover on Brandon Paul, Stolen by Derrick Nix
8:4012-12MISTAustin Thornton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:36 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 8:36
8:34 ILPersonal foul on Meyers Leonard
8:3413-12MISTBranden Dawson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:3414-12MISTBranden Dawson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:4814-12ILTracy Abrams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:48 MISTDefensive Rebound by Branden 7:48
7:48  TV Timeout
7:43 MISTLost ball turnover on Adreian Payne
7:3314-14ILMeyers Leonard made Layup, Assist Brandon Paul
7:0814-14MISTTravis Trice missed Jump Shot
7:03 ILDefensive Rebound by Myke 7:03
6:59 MISTPersonal foul on Adreian Payne
6:5914-15ILMyke Henry made 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:5914-16ILMyke Henry made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:4616-16MISTKeith Appling made Jump Shot
6:1416-16ILMyke Henry missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:10 MISTDefensive Rebound by Brandon 6:10
5:58 MISTLost ball turnover on Brandon Wood, Stolen by Tracy Abrams
5:5016-16ILD.J. Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:45 ILOffensive Rebound by Brandon 5:45
5:4416-16ILBrandon Paul missed Jump Shot
5:35 ILOffensive Rebound by Myke 5:35
5:3416-18ILMyke Henry made Tip-in
5:27 ILPersonal foul on Tracy Abrams
5:2516-18MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
5:21 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 5:21
5:0816-18ILMeyers Leonard missed Jump Shot
5:02 MISTDefensive Rebound by Branden 5:02
5:0118-18MISTBranden Dawson made Layup
4:4118-18ILTracy Abrams missed Jump Shot
4:32 MISTDefensive Rebound by Keith 4:32
4:30 MISTBad pass turnover on Keith Appling
4:30 ILFull Timeout
4:2018-20ILBrandon Paul made Layup
3:59 MISTLost ball turnover on Brandon Wood, Stolen by Brandon Paul
3:54 MISTPersonal foul on Branden Dawson
3:54  TV Timeout
3:5418-20ILBrandon Paul missed Free Throw
3:54 MISTDefensive Rebound by Austin 3:54
3:37 MISTLost ball turnover on Derrick Nix, Stolen by Joseph Bertrand
3:3418-20ILJoseph Bertrand missed Jump Shot
3:1518-20MISTBrandon Wood missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:12 ILDefensive Rebound by Joseph 3:12
2:39 ILLost ball turnover on Meyers Leonard, Stolen by Brandon Wood
2:1918-20MISTDerrick Nix missed Jump Shot
2:12 ILDefensive Rebound by Meyers 2:12
2:0218-20ILD.J. Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:56 ILOffensive Rebound by Meyers 1:56
1:33 ILOffensive foul on Meyers Leonard
1:33 ILOffensive Foul turnover on Meyers Leonard
1:1620-20MISTDerrick Nix made Jump Shot
40.020-20ILD.J. Richardson missed Jump Shot
36.0 ILOffensive Rebound by Myke 36.0
35.020-22ILMyke Henry made Tip-in
25.0 MIST30-second Timeout
8.020-22MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
5.0 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 5.0
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:3220-22ILBrandon Paul missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
19:27 MISTDefensive Rebound by Brandon 19:27
18:5920-22MISTAdreian Payne missed Jump Shot
18:50 ILDefensive Rebound by Tracy 18:50
18:41 ILLost ball turnover on Brandon Paul, Stolen by Austin Thornton
18:1920-22MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
18:16 ILDefensive Rebound by Meyers 18:16
17:4920-22ILD.J. Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:43 ILOffensive Rebound by D.J. 17:43
17:4320-24ILD.J. Richardson made Jump Shot
17:38 MISTLost ball turnover on Brandon Wood
17:3420-26ILBrandon Paul made Jump Shot
17:1222-26MISTAdreian Payne made Alley-oop, Assist Travis Trice
16:42 MISTShooting foul on Austin Thornton
16:4222-27ILTracy Abrams made 1st of 2 Free Throws
16:4222-28ILTracy Abrams made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16:2524-28MISTTravis Trice made Jump Shot
16:0124-28ILMeyers Leonard missed Jump Shot
15:57 MISTDefensive Rebound by Keith 15:57
15:51 ILPersonal foul on Meyers Leonard
15:51  TV Timeout
15:32 MISTBad pass turnover on Draymond Green
15:1024-28ILBrandon Paul missed Jump Shot
15:07 MISTDefensive Rebound by Derrick 15:07
14:57 ILPersonal foul on Nnanna Egwu
14:49 MISTLost ball turnover on Draymond Green, Stolen by Brandon Paul
14:3724-28ILD.J. Richardson missed Jump Shot
14:33 ILOffensive Rebound by Joseph 14:33
14:1524-28ILD.J. Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
14:15 ILPersonal foul on Nnanna Egwu
13:5024-28MISTTravis Trice missed Jump Shot
13:44 MISTBad pass turnover on Draymond Green
13:32 ILPersonal foul on Nnanna Egwu
13:25 ILPersonal foul on Ibby Djimde
13:1524-28MISTBrandon Wood missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:11 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 13:11
13:07 MISTPersonal foul on Draymond Green
12:5524-28ILSam Maniscalco missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:52 MISTDefensive Rebound by Branden 12:52
12:4324-28MISTAustin Thornton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:36 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 12:36
12:3524-28MISTBranden Dawson missed Jump Shot
12:32 MISTOffensive Rebound by Austin 12:32
12:3126-28MISTAustin Thornton made Tip-in
12:02 MISTPersonal foul on Branden Dawson
12:0226-29ILBrandon Paul made 1st of 2 Free Throws
12:0226-30ILBrandon Paul made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
12:02  TV Timeout
11:2626-30MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
11:18 ILPersonal foul on Tracy Abrams
11:0428-30MISTBranden Dawson made Jump Shot
10:3328-33ILBrandon Paul made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist D.J. Richardson
10:0928-33MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
10:03 MISTDefensive Rebound by Adreian 10:03
10:0328-33MISTAdreian Payne missed Jump Shot
9:59 ILDefensive Rebound by D.J. 9:59
9:5828-33ILD.J. Richardson missed Jump Shot
9:54 MISTDefensive Rebound by Branden 9:54
9:5428-33MISTBranden Dawson missed Jump Shot
9:50 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 9:50
9:4828-33MISTAdreian Payne missed Jump Shot
9:38 ILDefensive Rebound by Tracy 9:38
9:36 MISTPersonal foul on Austin Thornton
9:36 ILFull Timeout
9:4028-33MISTTravis Trice missed Jump Shot
9:37 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 9:37
9:1528-33ILBrandon Paul missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:10 MISTDefensive Rebound by Adreian 9:10
9:04 MISTTravelling turnover on Keith Appling
8:38 ILDiscontinued dribble turnover on Myke Henry
8:1928-33MISTDerrick Nix missed Jump Shot
8:15 MISTOffensive Rebound by Draymond 8:15
8:14 ILPersonal foul on D.J. Richardson
8:1429-33MISTDraymond Green made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:1429-33MISTDraymond Green missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:14 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 8:14
8:1329-35ILBrandon Paul made Dunk Shot
7:39 ILPersonal foul on Tracy Abrams
7:39  TV Timeout
7:3930-35MISTDraymond Green made 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:3931-35MISTDraymond Green made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:21 MISTPersonal foul on Keith Appling
7:20 ILPersonal foul on Jean Selus
7:2031-35ILMeyers Leonard missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:2031-35ILMeyers Leonard missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:20 MISTDefensive Rebound by Keith 7:20
6:5331-35MISTDraymond Green missed Jump Shot
6:49 ILDefensive Rebound by Joseph 6:49
6:2731-35ILMeyers Leonard missed Jump Shot
6:23 MISTDefensive Rebound by Draymond 6:23
6:13 MISTLost ball turnover on Branden Dawson
6:0231-35ILBrandon Paul missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:58 MISTDefensive Rebound by Draymond 5:58
5:5334-35MISTTravis Trice made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Derrick Nix
5:37 MISTPersonal foul on Keith Appling
5:3134-35ILBrandon Paul missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:26 MISTDefensive Rebound by Austin 5:26
5:2136-35MISTDraymond Green made Jump Shot
5:19 ILFull Timeout
4:3036-35ILJoseph Bertrand missed Jump Shot
4:24 MISTDefensive Rebound by Draymond 4:24
4:09 ILPersonal foul on Joseph Bertrand
4:0937-35MISTKeith Appling made Free Throw
4:0938-35MISTKeith Appling made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:0838-37ILBrandon Paul made Layup
3:50  TV Timeout
3:4838-37MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
3:42 ILDefensive Rebound by D.J. 3:42
3:1838-37ILMeyers Leonard missed Layup
3:13 MISTDefensive Rebound by Keith 3:13
2:5738-37MISTDerrick Nix missed Layup
2:51 MISTOffensive Rebound by Derrick 2:51
2:5038-37MISTDerrick Nix missed Jump Shot
2:45 MISTOffensive Rebound by Branden 2:45
2:4440-37MISTBranden Dawson made Tip-in
2:23 ILFull Timeout
2:1540-40ILTracy Abrams made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:53 MISTFull Timeout
1:3840-40MISTTravis Trice missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:30 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 1:30
1:1240-40ILBrandon Paul missed Jump Shot
1:04 ILOffensive Rebound by D.J. 1:04
46.0 MISTShooting foul on Branden Dawson
46.040-41ILBrandon Paul made 1st of 2 Free Throws
46.040-42ILBrandon Paul made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
41.0 MISTFull Timeout
30.040-42MISTKeith Appling missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
25.0 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 25.0
26.0 MISTPersonal foul on Austin Thornton
26.040-42ILBrandon Paul missed Free Throw
26.0 MISTDefensive Rebound by Branden 26.0
22.0 MIST30-second Timeout
14.0 ILPersonal foul on Meyers Leonard
14.040-42MISTDerrick Nix missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
14.041-42MISTDerrick Nix made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
11.0 MISTPersonal foul on Derrick Nix
11.041-42ILBrandon Paul missed Free Throw
11.0 MISTDefensive Rebound by Austin 11.0
8.0 MISTFull Timeout
2.041-42MISTKeith Appling missed Jump Shot
2.0 ILDefensive Rebound by Brandon 2.0
0.0End of period.