College Basketball Play by Play - St. Mary's vs. Middle Tennessee

1st Half
20:00 MTSUJumpball received by Bruce Massey
19:460-0MTSUShawn Jones missed Jump Shot
19:350-0MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed Layup, Blocked by Shawn Jones
19:35 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Marcos Knight
19:25 MTSU30-second Timeout
19:010-0MTSUJT Sulton missed Layup
18:58 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Brad Waldow
18:350-0MARYCAJordan Giusti missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:33 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Shawn Jones
18:040-0MTSUMarcos Knight missed Jump Shot
18:04 MTSUOffensive Rebound by Shawn Jones
18:00 MARYCALost ball turnover on Matthew Dellavedova, Stolen by JT Sulton
17:590-2MTSUBruce Massey made Layup
17:33 MTSUPersonal foul on Marcos Knight
17:212-2MARYCAMitchell Young made Hook Shot
17:022-2MTSUMarcos Knight missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:59 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Stephen Holt
16:545-2MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:305-5MTSUBruce Massey made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Marcos Knight
16:078-5MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Mitchell Young
16:03 MTSU30-second Timeout
15:508-7MTSUKerry Hammonds made Jump Shot
15:408-7MARYCAMitchell Young missed Jump Shot
15:37 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Bruce Massey
15:35 MTSULost ball turnover on Bruce Massey, Stolen by Matthew Dellavedova
15:2510-7MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made Layup
15:0310-9MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
14:23 MARYCABad pass turnover on Matthew Dellavedova
14:23  TV Timeout
14:1610-9MTSUMarcos Knight missed Turnaround Jump Shot
14:09 MTSULoose ball foul on Marcos Knight
13:5013-9MARYCABeau Levesque made 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:3313-11MTSUNeiko Hunter made Jump Shot
13:1513-11MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed Turnaround Jump Shot
13:12 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Kerry Hammonds
13:0613-11MTSUKerry Hammonds missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:03 MTSUOffensive Rebound by Neiko Hunter
13:0213-13MTSUNeiko Hunter made Layup
12:4113-13MARYCAJordan Giusti missed Layup
12:38 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Kerry Hammonds
12:17 MTSULost ball turnover on Bruce Massey
12:0713-13MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed Jump Shot
12:04 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Neiko Hunter
11:5813-13MTSUNeiko Hunter missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:54 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Matthew Dellavedova
11:39 MARYCAOffensive foul on Mitchell Young
11:39 MARYCAIllegal pick turnover on Mitchell Young
11:39  TV Timeout
11:0213-13MTSUTrantell Knight missed Jump Shot
10:59 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Stephen Holt
10:45 MTSUPersonal foul on Raymond Cintron
10:4513-13MARYCABeau Levesque missed Layup
10:40 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Neiko Hunter
10:36 MARYCAPersonal foul on Mitchell Young
10:1413-13MTSUNeiko Hunter missed Layup
10:14 MARYCALoose ball foul on Beau Levesque
10:06 MARYCAPersonal foul on Brad Waldow
9:5813-16MTSURaymond Cintron made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Trantell Knight
9:30 MTSUShooting foul on Neiko Hunter
9:3014-16MARYCAStephen Holt made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:3015-16MARYCAStephen Holt made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:1215-16MTSUJT Sulton missed Jump Shot
9:06 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Beau Levesque
8:5815-16MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed Jump Shot
8:55 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Brad Waldow
8:4815-16MARYCABeau Levesque missed Layup
8:43 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Trantell Knight
8:4215-16MTSURaymond Cintron missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:39 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Stephen Holt
8:3015-16MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:0618-16MARYCAStephen Holt made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Matthew Dellavedova
7:32 MARYCAPersonal foul on Kyle Rowley
7:32  TV Timeout
7:08 MARYCAPersonal foul on Matthew Dellavedova
6:52 MTSUOffensive foul on Torin Walker
6:52 MTSUIllegal pick turnover on Torin Walker
6:4118-16MARYCABrad Waldow missed Turnaround Jump Shot
6:41 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Mitchell Young
6:35 MTSUShooting foul on Kerry Hammonds
6:3518-16MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:3518-16MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:35 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Bruce Massey
6:2018-18MTSUNeiko Hunter made Jump Shot
5:45 MTSUPersonal foul on Shawn Jones
5:4518-18MARYCAStephen Holt missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:4519-18MARYCAStephen Holt made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:14 MTSULost ball turnover on Kerry Hammonds, Stolen by Jordan Giusti
5:0721-18MARYCABeau Levesque made Layup, Assist Stephen Holt
5:07 MTSUShooting foul on Neiko Hunter
5:0722-18MARYCABeau Levesque made Free Throw
4:5222-18MTSUBruce Massey missed Jump Shot
4:49 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Jordan Giusti
4:4224-18MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made Mini Hook Shot
4:09 MARYCAPersonal foul on Beau Levesque
4:0924-19MTSUNeiko Hunter made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:0924-20MTSUNeiko Hunter made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:0124-20MARYCAJordan Giusti missed Layup
3:57 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Raymond Cintron
3:43 MTSULost ball turnover on JT Sulton, Stolen by Mitchell Young
3:3626-20MARYCABrad Waldow made Alley-oop, Assist Matthew Dellavedova
2:50  TV Timeout
2:3926-20MTSUShawn Jones missed Jump Shot
2:15 MTSUPersonal foul on Raymond Cintron
2:1527-20MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:1528-20MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:0528-20MTSUJames Gallman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:01 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Brad Waldow
1:4328-20MARYCAMitchell Young missed Layup
1:2128-20MARYCAStephen Holt missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:18 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Kerry Hammonds
1:0728-20MTSUMarcos Knight missed Layup
47.028-20MARYCABeau Levesque missed Jump Shot
42.0 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Beau Levesque
40.0 MTSUShooting foul on JT Sulton
40.029-20MARYCABeau Levesque made 1st of 2 Free Throws
40.029-20MARYCABeau Levesque missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
40.0 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Marcos Knight
17.029-20MTSURaymond Cintron missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12.0 MTSUOffensive Rebound by Shawn Jones
12.029-20MTSUShawn Jones missed Layup
12.0 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Stephen Holt
1.029-20MARYCAStephen Holt missed Leaning Jump Shot
1.0 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Shawn Jones
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:4529-22MTSUShawn Jones made Jump Shot, Assist Marcos Knight
19:20 MARYCALost ball turnover on Brad Waldow, Stolen by Kerry Hammonds
19:14 MARYCAPersonal foul on Jordan Giusti
19:1329-22MTSUMarcos Knight missed Layup
19:08 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Matthew Dellavedova
19:0529-22MARYCAStephen Holt missed Layup
19:00 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Stephen Holt
19:0029-22MARYCAStephen Holt missed Layup
18:56 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Zane Gibson
18:5329-22MTSUBruce Massey missed Layup
18:49 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Mitchell Young
18:4631-22MARYCABrad Waldow made Layup
18:28 MARYCALost ball turnover on Jordan Giusti
18:0031-22MTSUBruce Massey missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:56 MTSUOffensive Rebound by Marcos Knight
17:5531-24MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
17:4634-24MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:3434-26MTSUKerry Hammonds made Jump Shot, Assist Marcos Knight
16:52 MTSUShooting foul on Kerry Hammonds
16:5235-26MARYCAMitchell Young made 1st of 2 Free Throws
16:5236-26MARYCAMitchell Young made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16:27 MARYCAPersonal foul on Jordan Giusti
16:0736-28MTSUNeiko Hunter made Jump Shot, Assist Marcos Knight
15:4539-28MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:2039-31MTSUKerry Hammonds made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Bruce Massey
15:0339-31MARYCAStephen Holt missed Layup, Blocked by Shawn Jones
14:54 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Mitchell Young
14:5339-31MARYCAMitchell Young missed Layup
14:46 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Jordan Giusti
14:4641-31MARYCAStephen Holt made Tip-in
14:2441-31MTSUShawn Jones missed Jump Shot
14:26 MARYCAFull Timeout
14:1341-33MTSUShawn Jones made Slam Dunk, Assist Trantell Knight
13:4541-33MARYCAStephen Holt missed Layup
13:41 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Marcos Knight
13:3741-36MTSUKerry Hammonds made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Trantell Knight
13:05 MTSUPersonal foul on Neiko Hunter
12:36 MARYCALost ball turnover on Beau Levesque, Stolen by Marcos Knight
12:3641-38MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
12:36 MARYCAFull Timeout
12:2641-38MARYCABeau Levesque missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:18 MTSUDefensive Rebound by JT Sulton
11:5941-38MTSUTrantell Knight missed Layup
11:56 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Matthew Dellavedova
11:48 MTSUShooting foul on Kerry Hammonds
11:48  TV Timeout
11:4842-38MARYCABeau Levesque made 1st of 2 Free Throws
11:4843-38MARYCABeau Levesque made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
11:34 MTSULost ball turnover on Trantell Knight, Stolen by Stephen Holt
11:2645-38MARYCAStephen Holt made Layup
10:5645-40MTSUJT Sulton made Jump Shot, Assist Kerry Hammonds
10:1847-40MARYCAMitchell Young made Layup, Assist Matthew Dellavedova
10:1047-42MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
10:0247-42MARYCABeau Levesque missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:58 MARYCAOffensive Rebound by Beau Levesque
9:43 MARYCAFull Timeout
9:25 MTSUPersonal foul on Marcos Knight
9:2548-42MARYCABeau Levesque made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:2548-42MARYCABeau Levesque missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:25 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Marcos Knight
9:0647-42MTSUMarcos Knight missed Jump Shot
9:01 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Paul McCoy
8:4949-42MARYCABeau Levesque made Layup
8:2649-42MTSUBruce Massey missed Layup, Blocked by Mitchell Young
8:07 MTSUPersonal foul on Neiko Hunter
7:5749-42MARYCAMitchell Young missed Jump Shot
7:52 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Shawn Jones
7:25  TV Timeout
7:25 MTSU5-second violation turnover on Bruce Massey
7:0652-42MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Beau Levesque
6:4352-42MTSUShawn Jones missed Jump Shot
6:40 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Brad Waldow
6:1054-42MARYCABrad Waldow made Layup
5:53 MTSU30-second Timeout
5:42 MARYCAPersonal foul on Jordan Giusti
5:3454-44MTSUBruce Massey made Jump Shot
5:1654-44MARYCABeau Levesque missed Layup
5:12 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Neiko Hunter
5:09 MARYCAPersonal foul on Brad Waldow
5:0354-44MTSUBruce Massey missed Layup
4:59 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Matthew Dellavedova
4:48 MTSUPersonal foul on Bruce Massey
4:1357-44MARYCAStephen Holt made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jordan Giusti
4:13 MTSU30-second Timeout
4:0757-46MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
3:2857-46MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:25 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Trantell Knight
3:16 MARYCAPersonal foul on Matthew Dellavedova
3:16  TV Timeout
3:13 MARYCAPersonal foul on Brad Waldow
3:1357-47MTSUMarcos Knight made 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:1357-48MTSUMarcos Knight made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:46 MTSUPersonal foul on JT Sulton
2:4658-48MARYCAStephen Holt made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:4659-48MARYCAStephen Holt made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:3159-48MTSUKerry Hammonds missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:28 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Jordan Giusti
2:0161-48MARYCAStephen Holt made Layup
1:4361-48MTSUTrantell Knight missed Layup
1:40 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Mitchell Young
1:13 MTSUPersonal foul on James Gallman
1:1362-48MARYCAStephen Holt made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:1362-48MARYCAStephen Holt missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:13 MTSUDefensive Rebound by Marcos Knight
1:01 MARYCAShooting foul on Mitchell Young
1:0162-49MTSUJT Sulton made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:0162-50MTSUJT Sulton made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
58.0 MARYCAFull Timeout
51.0 MARYCALost ball turnover on Stephen Holt, Stolen by James Gallman
42.062-52MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
42.0 MARYCAShooting foul on Mitchell Young
42.062-52MTSUMarcos Knight missed Free Throw
42.0 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Beau Levesque
40.0 MTSUPersonal foul on Raymond Cintron
40.063-52MARYCABeau Levesque made 1st of 2 Free Throws
40.064-52MARYCABeau Levesque made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
36.064-54MTSUMarcos Knight made Layup
29.066-54MARYCAMitchell Young made Slam Dunk
23.066-54MTSUMarcos Knight missed Jump Shot
23.0 MARYCADefensive Rebound by Matthew Dellavedova
16.0 MTSUPersonal foul on Bruce Massey
16.067-54MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova made 1st of 2 Free Throws
16.067-54MARYCAMatthew Dellavedova missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16.0 MTSUDefensive Rebound by JT Sulton
12.0 MTSUTravelling turnover on Bruce Massey
0.0End of period.

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