Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
29.0 7'2 22-30
  • After his second year at Kansas, when Withey averaged about two points and two rebounds, it was difficult to see him ever becoming a first-round draft pick. He improved at both ends during his junior season and then became a dominant performer as a senior. Defensively, he was one of the best players in the country, and his offensive game made tremendous strides over the course of four seasons in Lawrence. He???s already 23, which could be a negative, but his rate of improvement is impressive.
  • The defensive end of the floor is where Withey is ready to make an immediate impact at the next level. He is a terrific shot-blocker, with great timing. He is a smart defender, and was able to avoid foul trouble on a consistent basis. He made strides offensively during his college career, and has very good mobility and finishing ability. Good in pick-and-rolls and high-low sets.
  • While he did improve his offensive game at Kansas, he still lacks consistent post moves and a useful face-up game. Withey isn???t smooth with his back to the basket, and doesn???t own any true counter moves if he can???t simply turn and score. He also doesn???t consistently knock down short or mid-range jumpers. Withey has great length, but needs to add strength and muscle in order to establish position
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 117231932757656.81110028339072.69388
More Stats
TOTAL 11723196275.4690.6590.53112.7137
Game Log
November 2012
11/09vs. Southeast Missouri StateW 74-55305-120-07-1057120050117
11/13vs. Michigan StateL 64-67284-60-00-1077022148
11/15vs. ChattanoogaW 69-55285-80-01-328101160011
11/19vs. Washington StateW 78-41194-80-00-0246105108
11/20vs. Saint LouisW 73-59337-120-011-143250172325
11/26vs. San Jose StateW 70-57357-110-02-62101201120216
11/30vs. Oregon StateW 84-78377-90-03-42350131117
December 2012
12/08vs. ColoradoW 90-54233-60-02-2167215018
12/15vs. BelmontW 89-60245-100-04-40441250014
12/18vs. RichmondW 87-59267-90-03-449132242317
12/22at Ohio StateW 74-66345-120-04-537101310314
12/29vs. AmericanW 89-57215-70-01-10440040111
January 2013
01/06vs. TempleW 69-62333-100-02-211011329028
01/09vs. Iowa StateW 97-89386-100-03-748121131115
01/12at Texas TechW 60-46312-30-08-101670110212
01/14vs. BaylorW 61-44333-100-02-4066123128
01/19at TexasW 64-59324-60-06-92794331214
01/22at Kansas StateW 59-55313-60-05-637100300311
01/26vs. OklahomaW 67-54346-110-01-45491143113
01/28at West VirginiaW 61-56316-80-03-73471241215
February 2013
02/02vs. Oklahoma StateL 80-85304-80-03-32681430411
02/06at TCUL 55-62334-60-04-52680330212
02/09at OklahomaL 66-72355-80-04-53361313514
02/11vs. Kansas StateW 83-62305-100-07-855100152017
02/16vs. TexasW 73-47295-110-05-747110124115
02/20at Oklahoma StateW 68-67393-70-011-14212140440117
02/23vs. TCUW 74-48267-120-04-42461130218
02/25at Iowa StateW 108-96365-70-03-528102501413
March 2013
03/02vs. West VirginiaW 91-65327-80-00-119100190014
03/04vs. Texas TechW 79-42258-91-15-61890440022
03/09at BaylorL 58-81343-30-02-4268144028
03/14vs. Texas TechW 91-63263-30-03-3134223149
03/15vs. Iowa StateW 88-73295-120-04-61561410214
03/16vs. Kansas StateW 70-54345-90-07-102792211217
03/22vs. Western KentuckyW 64-57307-90-03-40661470317
03/24vs. North CarolinaW 70-58366-110-04-4412162251616
03/29vs. MichiganL 85-87396-110-00-02682351112