Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
-- 6-4.75 35-50
  • An unknown player until his junior year, Wolters took South Dakota State to back-to-back NCAA tournaments, the first trips to the Big Dance in school history. Wolters' reputation has risen and with good reason: he's one of the most efficient players in college basketball the past three seasons, and he put up good numbers against small schools and big ones alike. -- Matt Norlander
  • Fantastisc ball-handler with a killer first step. Almost always makes the right decision. Is able to shoot from anywhere on the court and has a deceptive way of getting into the lane. Has also improved ability to shoot with craft, often times off-balance and with one hand. Terrific attitude; as selfless as player as there is in this draft. -- Matt Norlander
  • Defense needs a lot of work. Not quick without the ball. Sometimes is selfless to a fault on the floor, often passing up open looks in the interest of getting teammates involved. (If you want to call that a weakness.) -- Matt Norlander
Career Shooting Stats
2009-10South Dakota State307298521938.8205536.411313683.130310.1
2010-11South Dakota State31102920144944.84210340.816020179.660419.5
2011-12South Dakota State34121625055844.83313724.118824078.372121.2
2012-13South Dakota State33125624249948.56416937.918723081.373522.3
TOTAL 1284230778172545.115946434.364880780.3236318.5
More Stats
2009-10South Dakota State307291023.4862.9351.280.362
2010-11South Dakota State3110291424.61886.1411.370.269
2011-12South Dakota State3412161745.12025.9591.720.175
2012-13South Dakota State3312561845.61935.8571.740.177
TOTAL 12842306024.76695.21921.5210.2283
Game Log
November 2012
11/09at AlabamaL 67-704010-155-65-50333103230
11/13vs. Tennessee StateW 78-71386-110-210-101569312422
11/16at HofstraL 63-66409-183-54-455103203325
11/17at MarshallW 78-77397-162-46-824610201122
11/18vs. District of ColumbiaW 96-48255-90-22-30336102012
11/21vs. Southwest State (Mn.)W 81-72388-132-43-637107200221
11/28vs. North DakotaW 71-70395-141-310-131456305321
December 2012
12/01vs. Nebraska OmahaW 78-63295-161-72-23145203213
12/09vs. Cal State BakersfieldW 69-63395-140-38-111676200418
12/15at MontanaW 68-67475-212-53-43695100115
12/19at BelmontL 49-76344-110-15-93583200413
12/22at New MexicoW 70-65359-151-59-110557300528
12/29at North Dakota StateL 62-654010-212-54-40553400026
January 2013
01/03at UMKCW 77-61369-162-63-42467104123
01/05at South DakotaL 71-74409-202-66-71455200226
01/10vs. OaklandW 81-74405-130-36-70449112216
01/12vs. IPFWW 83-573710-182-57-70333102229
01/17at Western IllinoisW 59-53408-132-44-51456103322
01/19at IUPUIW 80-65342-81-57-80667212112
01/26vs. North Dakota StateW 69-53397-163-59-110774002326
01/31vs. South DakotaW 67-54406-144-83-41673103319
February 2013
02/02vs. UMKCW 88-57326-102-54-60556003218
02/07at IPFWW 80-744017-289-1410-112243011353
02/09at OaklandL 83-884012-203-99-91567300236
02/14vs. IUPUIW 82-45275-93-55-60442102118
02/16vs. Western IllinoisW 64-554010-164-74-71236003328
02/20at Cal State BakersfieldL 78-795011-202-68-1119109201232
02/23at Murray StateL 62-73397-101-23-30225202418
02/28at Nebraska OmahaW 100-82397-171-43-725710000218
March 2013
03/09vs. IUPUIW 66-49407-150-46-71234203120
03/11vs. IPFWW 72-56405-132-86-605512100318
03/12vs. North Dakota StateW 73-67408-152-69-100666304327
03/21at MichiganL 56-71403-140-54-41456001310