Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
32.0 6'10 31-45
  • Deshaun Thomas will play in the NBA for a decade if he's plugged into a system that asks him to simply do what he does: score in bunches. Thomas is not great at any one thing, but he's really, really good at scoring in a variety of ways. Ohio State was a factor last year because of Thomas' offensive threats. -- Matt Norlander
  • Scoring. Scoring. And scoring. Thomas is long, has a good shot and has gotten better with each year. The OSU tweener is coming along at a time where he'll likely fit in most systems. He can post. He can fadeaway. He can play from deep. He can cut. It's hard to imagine him now working as a pro. -- Matt Norlander
  • Not used on a lot of pick-and-roll. Average feet. Hot-and-cold rebounder. Play sometimes mirrors, on the whole, how his shot is falling. When it doesn't, he's not always reliable elsewhere. -- Matt Nrolander
Career Shooting Stats
2010-11Ohio State3751810521947.9216432.8475979.72787.5
2011-12Ohio State391224243467525014534.58311174.861915.9
2012-13Ohio State37130926058444.57220934.414116983.473319.8
TOTAL 1133051608127047.914341834.227133979.9163014.4
More Stats
2010-11Ohio State375181313.5170.5140.460.230
2011-12Ohio State3912242095.4350.9150.490.247
2012-13Ohio State3713092205.9481.3190.5110.352
TOTAL 113305156051000.9480.4260.2129
Game Log
November 2012
11/11vs. AlbanyW 82-60307-174-91-10332102219
11/17at Rhode IslandW 69-58409-183-64-446100201125
11/18at WashingtonW 77-663912-203-74-54483100131
11/23vs. UMKCW 91-45216-82-37-72681110221
11/28at DukeL 68-73306-143-61-10220301016
December 2012
12/01vs. Northern KentuckyW 70-43305-140-34-54480011314
12/08vs. Long Beach StateW 89-55287-163-81-22242100118
12/12vs. Savannah StateW 85-45308-174-82-34372210222
12/15vs. NC-AshevilleW 90-72306-142-63-419102210017
12/18vs. WinthropW 65-55377-213-104-43694100121
12/22vs. KansasL 66-74384-113-75-63361401316
12/29vs. Chicago StateW 87-44337-131-52-62684000117
January 2013
01/02vs. NebraskaW 70-44329-162-42-22682001022
01/05at IllinoisL 55-74389-211-55-61340101324
01/08at PurdueW 74-64398-134-72-40771112222
01/13vs. MichiganW 56-53378-183-71-12241201120
01/19at Michigan StateL 56-594010-206-112-21671200128
01/22vs. IowaW 72-63376-112-52-22571211116
01/26at Penn StateW 65-51294-131-32-21230200211
01/29vs. WisconsinW 58-494010-170-15-60224300125
February 2013
02/02at NebraskaW 63-56406-180-43-31450101215
02/05at MichiganL 74-76456-152-53-31344000317
02/10vs. IndianaL 68-81408-202-58-92570210126
02/14vs. NorthwesternW 69-59356-170-510-123471300122
02/17at WisconsinL 49-71368-171-31-12461100118
02/20vs. MinnesotaW 71-45346-162-85-51230100019
02/24vs. Michigan StateW 68-60364-162-74-41670200114
02/28at NorthwesternW 63-53377-160-55-62570001219
March 2013
03/05at IndianaW 67-58376-171-35-62680210018
03/10vs. IllinoisW 68-55367-131-44-52242101219
03/15vs. NebraskaW 71-50325-91-38-91891011019
03/16vs. Michigan StateW 61-58406-192-112-42572101016
03/17vs. WisconsinW 50-43386-190-65-63471100117
03/22vs. IonaW 95-70308-123-35-61232000024
03/24vs. Iowa StateW 78-75388-142-44-40550202322
03/28vs. ArizonaW 73-70407-143-63-40110200220
03/30vs. Wichita StateL 66-70378-200-67-91453420523