Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
28.5 6-5.5 35-UFA
  • Harvey led the NCAA in scoring last season and is one of the better shooters in the draft. He also has pretty solid ball-handling ability. However, that's about where his NBA-ready skills end. He's a short-armed player which limits his potential on defense, and his lack of explosive athleticism also doesn't bode well for his ability to finish once he gets to the rim. Unless he develops into one of the best shooters in the NBA, it's hard to see a place for him.
  • Harvey's NBA chances start and end with his ability to shoot the ball. He can knock down shots off the dribble, off the catch, in pick-and-rolls. However you need them, he can get his shots. That scoring ability alone will give him a chance to stick.
  • There are quite a few problems with his game. First and foremost, he's not an explosive athlete, which means he will likely struggle to finish at the rim Those length and explosiveness problems are also evident on defense, where he really struggles to stick with his man and often gets lost. He's not much of a distributor either, which isn't great for a guy that might need the ball in his hands a lot to be effective.
Career Shooting Stats
2012-13Eastern Washington212955811152.3235343.4102343.51497.1
2013-14Eastern Washington31115820646544.310925243.315617489.767721.8
2014-15Eastern Washington32118223049046.912829743.115017685.273823.1
TOTAL 842635494106646.326060243.231637384.7156418.6
More Stats
2012-13Eastern Washington21295482.3311.5150.730.121
2013-14Eastern Washington3111581294.2842.7351.190.366
2014-15Eastern Washington3211821163.6822.6361.140.164
TOTAL 8426352933.51972.3861160.2151
Game Log
November 2014
11/14vs. Texas SouthernW 86-62347-137-120-00333200121
11/17vs. Utah ValleyW 75-50377-164-100-01675002018
11/19vs. Walla WallaW 95-34206-64-40-00226012016
11/22at SMUL 68-77378-204-144-71344301324
11/24at IndianaW 88-86399-203-104-60442300125
11/26vs. Northern KentuckyW 81-60287-124-72-21343000320
11/30vs. Eastern OregonW 104-87379-152-43-41674101023
December 2014
12/06at SeattleW 87-75395-143-105-60332201118
12/11at San FranciscoW 81-76335-164-105-60114211319
12/14at WashingtonL 77-81406-175-124-54151401321
12/16at Sam Houston StateL 52-76398-105-75-50220102326
12/19at CaliforniaL 67-783911-176-93-40332102231
12/22vs. Lewis & Clark StateW 87-814011-168-104-50442201434
January 2015
01/01vs. Weber StateW 84-784012-197-108-80332011239
01/03vs. Idaho StateW 65-57404-123-95-51123200216
01/10at IdahoW 89-86376-154-117-80660302223
01/15at Portland StateW 92-85407-155-104-40665301123
01/17at Sacramento StateL 77-90406-123-76-61232201521
01/22vs. Northern ColoradoW 95-85379-155-912-140222310135
01/24vs. North DakotaW 102-80407-122-610-111455202326
01/31vs. IdahoW 98-95284-133-102-20111000113
February 2015
02/14vs. Portland StateL 66-68355-152-1210-100221100322
02/19at Southern UtahW 78-75383-161-44-41784101111
02/21at Northern ArizonaL 69-73406-193-137-90441202322
02/26vs. Montana StateW 92-68276-164-114-60553301120
02/28vs. MontanaL 76-77409-162-87-101232000127
March 2015
03/05at Idaho StateW 85-81407-175-125-61123301324
03/07at Weber StateW 79-71429-234-102-43362203124
03/12vs. IdahoW 91-833913-208-128-81012102142
03/13vs. Sacramento StateW 91-83393-81-52-2033650069
03/14at MontanaW 69-65386-151-75-60330204118
03/19at GeorgetownL 74-84409-206-123-32020401227