Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
-- 6'5" 4-10
  • Like Victor Oladipo, Trey Burke wasn't sought by a lot of big-time college programs. In fact, only Michigan gave him a shot. Others, like Penn State, were in the mix. Yet Burke is the best point guard option in this draft and he should have a long, prosperous future in the NBA ahead of him. He's a well-rounded player who doesn't try to do too much, and in many ways, blends old ways of playing the 1 with newer styles. He was, overall, the best player in college basketball in 2012-13. -- Matt Norlander
  • Exceedingly reliable ball handler and decision-maker. He's a point guard who can shoot but will have no problem being pass-first and pass-second. Plays very well in big moments; he carried Michigan for part of the team's national-title-game run in 2013. Became an improved defender last season. Is absolutely deadly in transition. -- Matt Norlander
  • Not wildly athletic. Defensively is just OK. Needs muscle on his smaller frame and could be a better penetrator to the rim. -- Matt Norlander
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 7326054369694513336236.722629177.7123116.9
More Stats
TOTAL 7326052423.34165.7931.3330.5180
Game Log
November 2012
11/09vs. Slippery RockW 100-62339-172-51-21128101521
11/12vs. IUPUIW 91-54328-154-72-21239201322
11/13vs. Cleveland StateW 77-47325-101-41-21237000312
11/21vs. PittsburghW 67-62385-160-47-80446301117
11/23vs. Kansas StateW 71-57325-100-20-01454310510
11/27vs. North Carolina StateW 79-72375-93-55-800011112018
December 2012
12/01at BradleyW 74-66345-131-55-50335401216
12/04vs. Western MichiganW 73-41318-112-42-31237003020
12/08vs. ArkansasW 80-67346-131-33-51347211316
12/11vs. BinghamtonW 67-39308-123-60-00445001119
12/15at West VirginiaW 81-663812-161-22-21458203027
12/20vs. Eastern MichiganW 93-54305-141-60-00228011111
12/29vs. Central MichiganW 88-73309-124-70-002211200122
January 2013
01/03at NorthwesternW 94-66339-164-61-20445104223
01/06vs. IowaW 95-67337-101-34-401112101119
01/09vs. NebraskaW 62-47356-161-55-61233000118
01/13at Ohio StateL 53-56374-132-55-50444321415
01/17at MinnesotaW 83-75365-153-65-61019411118
01/24vs. PurdueW 68-53356-140-43-40228322115
01/27at IllinoisW 74-60377-191-54-71455103319
01/30vs. NorthwesternW 68-46346-111-35-61348302118
February 2013
02/02at IndianaL 73-81389-244-123-42358402325
02/05vs. Ohio StateW 76-74436-124-70-01238210216
02/09at WisconsinL 62-65408-212-81-20554202119
02/12at Michigan StateL 52-75307-113-51-10224403218
02/17vs. Penn StateW 79-71399-163-48-90335102029
02/24vs. IllinoisW 71-58398-112-38-100338001126
02/27at Penn StateL 78-84395-101-47-81126101618
March 2013
03/03vs. Michigan StateW 58-57388-170-35-60448115221
03/06at PurdueW 80-75377-171-311-141457303126
03/10vs. IndianaL 71-72367-205-81-31234213420
03/14vs. Penn StateW 83-66357-153-54-40223030221
03/15at WisconsinL 59-68388-221-32-20227212419
03/21vs. South Dakota StateW 71-56352-120-52-2000722026
03/23vs. Virginia CommonwealthW 78-53376-142-64-40227202718
03/29at KansasW 87-85449-214-111-102210301423
03/31at FloridaW 79-59355-161-54-42687203115
April 2013
04/06vs. SyracuseW 61-56381-81-44-6145421317
04/08at LouisvilleL 76-82267-113-57-91343410424